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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (会長 ! -The student council president is a maid!), is a shoujo manga written and illustrated by Hiro Fujiwara. It was animated and broadcast starting April 1, 2010, with a total of 26 episodes. Special “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Special” will be broadcast in April 2011. Possibly no news about Season 2 in the near future (all depends on sales).

The opening and closing themes are:

1. “My Secret” by Saaya Mizuno
2. “Yokan (予)” by Heidi (episodes 1-15)
3. “∞ Loop (∞ループ)” by Heidi (episode 16 onward)

An all-boys school, Seika Middle School, was recently co-founded and Ayuzawa Misaki was elected student council chair. With the school’s female population, a dwindling minority, living in fear of the wild boys, Misaki sets out on her own to transform the school into a safer environment for girls. Unfortunately, she has a reputation among men as a tough type hater.

Adding to her problems, her family’s financial situation forces Misaki to take a well-paying part-time job at a maid café. Her father left her (her mother, sister and aunt) with his debts and they were forced to live hand in hand. Things took a turn for the worse when Takumi Usui, a popular and handsome best of her class who regularly turned down girls, discovered her “after hours”.


April 1, 2010 Episode 1: Misaki is a maid

Protagonist Misaki, 17 years old, leads a very demanding life. While at school, she must protect the girls in an all-boys school and constantly reform the boys to acceptable standards of behavior. Most guys are scared and some even hate it.

After that, she has extracurricular activities, mainly those of the President, to oversee that the school runs smoothly. After school, she secretly works as a waitress at a suburban maid cafe to avoid being caught in an embarrassing cosplay outfit by her schoolmates. After her job, she still has to study to keep her grades in school.

Until one day the famous Takumi met Usui in a coffee shop while she was taking out the garbage. Oddly enough, he didn’t tell everyone at school about this succulent dish. In fact, he seems to like being the only one who knows this fact and often visits Misaki at the Handmaid cafe. When one day a bunch of bullies (commonly known as the idiots) from school suddenly show up at the cafe and find out that Misaki works there, they start harassing her only to have Usui appear, who mysteriously shows up and she saves.

Shiroyan of the 3 Idiots

Shiroyan of the 3 idiots

Shirakawa Naoya, aka Shiroyan, (also known as the White Devil in middle school) has a bone with Misaki to pick up after she ripped off his earring when he refused to take it off at school. When he and his friends encountered Misaki at a coffee shop, they intended to harass her, but when she was protected by Usui, they quickly fled the scene and later even became human, her biggest supporter and regulars at the coffee shop. idiot trio

Misaki overworked

Misaki runs idle

Overworked, Misaki faints in Usui’s arms. He brought her home and wrapped her in a blue scarf. She returns the towel the next day and thanks him for coming to her rescue. She tells him she doesn’t like people like him who make things look easy but is grateful he saved her. She used the analogy of running out of breath to keep up with him while he jogged at first and occasionally ran over to check on her condition.

Usui is a quiet observer who is extremely popular at school. He was very educated and seemed to belong to the upper class of society. Because of his popularity and good looks, girls keep professing their love for him, which he systematically rejects. Misaki thinks this is a form of bullying, because after each rejection, the girl runs away in tears.

In response to Misaki’s analogy, Usui suggests her a solution – be his maid for a day.

April 8th, 2010 Episode 2: The maid even during the school festival!

After rejecting countless ideas from the boys, they eventually revolted and rebelled against them. During the school festival, they hang the girls out to dry and let them run a class café on their own. Eventually Misaki intervenes and with Usui’s help everything goes smoothly. When she apologizes to the boys, they finally get excited and join in. Then they will see that she really is a fair and correct President who always helps anyone who is in need.

School  Cafe with Usui's help

School cafe with Usui

At the end of the finale, Misaki rests in the forest while the rest head to the campfire. Usui finds her here, corners her and whispers sweet things to her. He told her that he would never tell people “her” secret because he wanted to keep her to himself as HIS servant.

April 15, 2010 Episode 3: What color is Misaki? natural color?

The cafe holds a “sister festival” where all the maids call customers Oni-chan/Oni-tan/Onee-chan (brother/sister) instead of Goshujin-sama (owner). However, Misaki struggled with her homework and after being called a “conceited girl” by one of the maids, Honoka, decided to do her best instead. Of course, Usui asked Misaki in the cafe, but teased her by saying that she farted in front of him and wanted to get water from the Alps. When she could no longer endure his relentless and ruthless severity, she scolded him, calling him a perverted brother. Looks like the trick just worked. After that, the cafe manager Satsuki asked the maids what color ranger they wanted on Maid Ranger Day. First he suggested transparency to her as “color”. After carefully considering the question, he decided that Misaki was best suited for White; White is the color that influences other colors. However, he will affect her color with his.

Sister Day at Maid Café

Sisters Day at the Maid Cafe

Satsuki is a 30-year-old woman who is the manager of Café Latte. She often tells Misaki that she enjoys running the cafe because it allows her to make other people happy. She understands and feels other people’s feelings very well, especially Misaki’s situation at work in the cafe and Usui, who keeps popping up.

When Usui returns to school the next day, he gets another confession just as Misaki arrives to rescue a boy when a ladder threatens to fall on him. Usui is very surprised by this act and tells the confessing maid that he likes anything and everything to do with maids, including dressing as one. Usui then goes to see Misa, as he calls her, with full intentions of taking her to the nurse’s office to have her injured arm injured by a falling ladder. However, he had to tease her a little more by pinning her against the wall first. Then he cunningly asked her to undress – to see her wound. After Misaki’s arm is bandaged, she casually says that she would save even him, Usui, if she had the time.

The two go to the coffee shop after school and Usui tells the manager to “help” Misaki face the day without looking like she’s really helping because of her injury. Helping her will only make her work harder. He knows her too well and has a manager who flies through the air.

April 22, 2010 Episode 4: Internet Idol Aoi-chan

Hyoudou Aoi, an exhibition lover of the famous internet idol, enters the cafe and freaks out all the boys when he sees her. Satsuki claims that Aoi is her niece, and unbeknownst to everyone, Aoi is actually her grandson, her brother’s son. He just likes dressing up as a girl.

When Usui visits the cafe, Aoi starts flirting with him but is rebuffed because Usui only has eyes for Misaki. Aoi cannot resist Usui, stating that he has pheromones seeping out of him. Worst of all, Aoi couldn’t understand why Usui liked Misaki because she even agreed that Aoi was cuter than herself. During this time, Aoi tries to be part of the staff only for Usui to be temporarily hired as a part-time chef when the chef of the café falls ill. Girls are allowed to taste his food – except for Aoi, who is only allowed to eat it if she orders it as a paying customer. At the end of the shift, Aoi tells Misaki about her clothing choices, topless in men’s clothing. During Aoi’s scuffle/standoff, Misaki suddenly realized something.

Unfortunately for Usui, this isn’t the end of Aoi’s tricks. The next day, Aoi cornered Usui. Usui, unaffected by Aoi’s “charm”, tells her to move (Doke!). She declined. So Usui questioned her motives while cornering her: “What do you want to do with me?” Aoi replied, “Just mine.” Misa stepped in just as Usui accidentally fell on top of Aoi. Misa immediately gave Usui a flying kick for being so perverted and punched Aoi. Instead of being jealous, Misaki chides Aoi for playing a silly prank on everyone while taking off his wig. She said to Aoi, “This is not a competition. Impress people who are laughing at you by looking directly at them. (Also while Aoi is trying to find a reason for his unsightly behavior) Usui of course claims that he knew Aoi was a boy for a long time, so he played with him. .

A few days later, Aoi returned to the cafe, this time in a boy’s school uniform. He told Misaki that he was giving up his rehabilitation after being insulted and lectured on by others. Misaki said, “I like you.” He replied, “I hate you.” “I know,” the answer. The two then leave the cafe together while Aoi tries to convince Misaki to be more feminine. Little does he know that Misaki dresses the way she does partly because of her family’s financial situation. When it starts to rain, the two take shelter under a store while a robbery ensues. Misaki immediately stops the thief with her bare hands while Aoi tries to reason and keep the fool from the danger of the situation. After successfully completing the robbery, Aoi sees Misaki in a new light. He had never seen a woman like her. Misaki tells him she is best the way she is, a manly woman. The irony of the situation didn’t escape Aoi as he looked at himself, a feminine male. The lights went out as he suddenly realized why Usui had feelings for Misaki and genuinely sympathized with him.

Aoi has a short fuse and an even shorter patience. Kindness and affection do not come easily to him, and he quickly turns them into anger. Not being able to express himself properly, he later asked for Misaki’s fashion help, saying that she had such a boring feeling. He promises to make her clothes, and a day later he shows up and dresses Misaki according to his own creation, a pink dress that makes everyone in the cafe think of “Lolita Day”. Usui walks in and meets this new look. After making a few unsightly remarks, Misaki called him a perv (hentai) a number of times. Then he replied, “It makes me burst when you blush like that.”

These two need a room.

April 29, 2010 Episode 5: Taking Care of Misaki! The stalker is here!

Yukimura from the student council was trying to do the paperwork for the last school festival while the rest of them were fooling around. Misaki called from the cafe to check on them and overheard them talking. She warns Yukimura that these boys will be “punished later.” Usui entered the café at that moment and replied: “Don’t say something like that. It makes me burst.”

Word has been spreading around town recently that there are stalkers targeting the Cosplay Cafe. Everyone, including Misaki, is warned about this. The rest of the crew in the café carried a can of wine, pepper spray and other weapons. Misaki insists she doesn’t need any of them since she has her aikido. Even the idiot trio worried about Misaki until they realized that she didn’t need protection because she was stronger than them. After completing student council paperwork, she runs into her friend Sakura, who is late for school. She goes home and reminds Sakura that going home alone so late is dangerous. (The pot calls the cauldron black) Meanwhile, Usui “touches” her and leads her to the cafe while warning her to be careful. He lingers in the coffee shop and spots two suspicious figures looking at Misa. One of them dropped his spoon on purpose so Misaki would wait for him.

That night, Misaki volunteered to stay and wait for Satsuki to return from a meeting. As she locked the door and made the last few laps around the store, someone ran after Misaki and grabbed her from behind. After throwing him into a well, Misaki recognizes him as Usui and scolds him. Usui tells her that he is posing as a stalker to receive “punishment”. Dripping, he reminded her that the back door wasn’t locked. He warns her that she is also a girl. As she pushed him out the door, he muttered to himself, “She really doesn’t understand.” Not sure if she heard the warning, but hopefully she heard the fear? When he came out of the store, he saw two figures running away down the alley. Is he just ruining someone’s plans or is he being overly cautious?


The next day, after school at the office, two similar customers showed up again. This time he dropped a shard of glass while Misaki cleaned up behind them. “She is so perfect!” One said to the other and the other replied, “I can’t hold it anymore!”

As Usui walked the streets of the city that evening, he saw news of the escalating attacks on the Maid Cafe and quickly went to the HIS Cafe. Unfortunately, he is tricked by two women trying to get his attention. Meanwhile, Misaki is left alone again at the store while awaiting Satsuki’s return at another meeting. After making sure the back door was locked, she was heading back into the locker room to go straight to the armory when she heard a noise from behind. She investigates it, only to be surprised by two men who appear with a mission in hand. “Upstairs,” they told her. She realized these were the cafe’s regulars as they handcuffed her and bandaged her mouth.

Usui finally made it to the store. He finds that the lights are off and the back door is locked. He was about to leave when he overheard men in the cafe talking about a “perfect maid.” He climbs up and finds Misa bound and bandaged about to be attacked. When he smashed the window to become Misa’s Knight in Shining Armor, Misaki did the unthinkable himself. She broke the handcuffs and Aikido knocked out the stalkers. She told them, “There are limits to what you can dream of. Do you think you know me?” and quickly glared at her and kicked her. At the same time, Usui smashes the café window to help her. He ends up laughing at himself for worrying about her. He asked the duo what they thought Misaki was. They say they want her to punish them. Usui then grabs Misaki and warns the duo, “This is MY sweet maid. It is not available to anyone else. Misaki blushed at that, I don’t think she realized that Usui was just marking his territory and possessions.

The police conduct missions while Usui and Misaki linger outside. He noticed Misaki watching him, and blushing again, she said, “Thanks, Usui.” Satsuki finally shows up, only to exclaim that she saw the way they were looking at each other. Maybe she should have come later. However, she fainted upon seeing the hole in her shop.

Days later, after the brouhaha, the staff and Aoi shared a relaxing moment retelling the story. Aoi exclaims that only Misaki can stop stalker like these two while he is playing with her phone and making her wallpaper. He brought up a recent photo of her wearing a dress he made for her. As Misaki struggled to change the wallpaper, the photo eventually appeared on Usui’s phone.

May 6, 2010 Episode 6: The Man • Ayazawa School

A group of five brothers, the Yumeyama brothers, claim to be disciples of Ayazawa Misaki. Right after that, they started following/following her wherever she went. They realize that she must also have a part-time job and ask to meet her at work. Luckily, three idiots come to her rescue, but ultimately fail when all eight boys try to follow her to work. Usui was able to catch them in time and hide them from the madmen. “How long have you been famous?” But also question why she doesn’t let her see her other side.

At the coffee shop, Usui challenges Misaki to a deck of cards after earning enough points to play. Usui easily wins the game and asks for a photo with Misaki.

The stalking begins the next day at school. The brothers have been to the girls’ restroom, the canteen, and even the student council to catch up with Misaki. When she went back to work, people begged her to let her go. Once again she was dragged to safety by Usui. She tells Usui that although boys are a pain, she likes passionate boys. That makes him shine. This goes on for several days as he comes to her aid in perfect timing. She tells him that she doesn’t want to disappoint them with her idealistic view of her when they find out that she works as a maid. At work, three idiots arrive after earning enough points to challenge Misaki to a deck of cards in hopes of getting a photo with her. She finished before he began. She realizes that Usui is the only one who can defeat her and wonders what he is doing with her photo.

The next day, after Misa taught the two brothers aikido, she went to the roof for some fresh air. There she meets Usui, who stares intensely at her photo. On that windy day, Misaki and Usui start arguing about why Misaki doesn’t tell the boys about her job as a maid. Is she doing it for you? Or to protect yourself from possible embarrassment? She told him that “it breaks my heart to disappoint those who trust me”. As she said this, she reached out and grabbed the photo. Unfortunately, during the scuffle, he was blown away by the wind and flew straight at him. As Misaki panicked, Usui calmly asked her if she wanted him to take it. “I’ll do it,” Usui said as he got ready to jump on the roof.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because,” Usui said as he kissed her, “I love you.” He jumps.

the kiss

“USUI!!!” Misaki ran downstairs and thought to herself, “What is he doing??!” Trembling with fear, she dove and eventually found Usui safe. He’s sitting by the pool, soaking wet, with a few scratches on his body and torn clothes (he’ll probably break some ribs in the process), but he certainly saved the photo.

“I’m so good,” Usui praised himself.

“Yes you are.”

The brothers ran toward the commotion to find Usui soaked and Misaki shaking. They asked her what was going on.

“The truth is, my part-time job is…”

Before she could finish, Usui stopped her by covering her mouth with her hand. Instead, he told them he “bought their after-school services.” The boys illogically deduce that Misaki is Usui’s bodyguard. But then again, what does Usui do?


Usui was eventually hospitalized. When Misaki visits him, he asks her to take care of him with her maid uniform.

“Yappali, hentai!” “He’s definitely a pervert. A perverted alien! ”

May 13, 2010 Episode 7: The Debut of the Student Council President of Miyabigoka Academy

Misaki was still thinking about the rooftop incident with Usui. In that sense, she screwed up at work. A still bandages Usui to visit her at work. She pushes him away and tells him not to play with her feelings. He was a bit taken aback. Suddenly, Misaki receives a call from Sakura, who tells her about a fight between the Seika High School students and the wealthy Miyabigaoka students. She rushed to the crime scene to say goodbye to the fight. Bespectacled Miyabigaoka student Koganei Hirofumi tells Misaki that the rumors surrounding Seika High School are actually true. They are barbarians and delinquents. Misaki forces the two Seika boys to apologize, but they refuse.

Back at school, Misaki worries about the school’s reputation after working so hard to build it up. Usui visits Misaki in the student council room and realizes that Yukimura, with her stack of papers towering, needs a helping hand. Usui sees this as an opportunity to calm Misaki down. After helping Yukimura, Usui immediately kissed him. This shocks everyone, but Misaki only sees this as Usui’s “reward” that he received from her and nothing more. With that, she was ready to face the Miyabigoka problem.

She cornered the two boys to understand her story. The boys loved chess, but the Miyabigaoka students not only despised them, they called them penniless flies. Misaki, the two boys and Usui come to Miyabigaoka to ask for an apology. At the prestigious academy, Hirofumi wonders why Usui is there. Maybe the VP? “No, I’m studying sociology,” Usui replied. When Misaki asked for an apology for the boys, Hirofumi brushed it off and said, “I hate poor mindless people.”

Good. “We’ll bring this up to your student council,” Misaki replied.

While mumbling about how ridiculous the situation is, Hirofumi challenges her to a game of chess. If they win, they get an apology from him. After Usui accepted the challenge, Hirofumi proudly admitted that he was the nation’s fourth-ranked chess player.

“So?” asked Usui.

“Don’t ask me to go easy on you.”

During the five moves after Hirofumi smugly defeated Usui’s decoy Bishop, Usui re-examined Hirofumi. After a humiliating defeat, Hirofumi runs to the student council president for help. Instead, Igarashi Tora, the student president of Miyabigaoka, scolded Hirofumi.

When the Seika students return home, Misaki comments on how worried Miyabigoka’s students are. Usui replies that she’s in bigger trouble. Without hearing him, she continued that rich people are like that. At that moment, Usui fell silent.

The next day, Tora Igarashi led the Miyabigaoka student council representatives to apologize to Seika High. Tora even promised to expel the mentioned boys from school. He hates Misaki for her seemingly gentle upbringing, saying that the rumors of her beauty and fairness are true. When she hit the two boys, he changed the sentence to “strong yet beautiful.” He then asks her to join their student council by moving to Miyabigaoka. The school will even set up a scholarship for them.

Appearances can be deceiving. The moment he leaves Seika High, he is revealed to be a lewd young man and bored with the women around him. He thinks money can buy anything because the women in his school submit to him. He ordered his Vice President Maki Kanade to track down Misaki in order to capture her.

Back at the cafe, the girls turn the shop for female customers while the maid becomes the housekeeper. Misaki is widely accepted by all the girls, but one comment rates her as odd. They point out that Misaki should be “dominant and passive”. She wondered aloud what that meant, since Usui had a shift as a cook. As the day drew to a close, Usui was getting ready to change when Misaki walked in and saw him shirtless. Since Misaki says she’s a guy all day today, Usui asks her to change clothes with him. “Boys change together. Unless you want me to undress you? ”

Misaki immediately blushed. Usui whispered to her softly: “You are a girl, Ayuzawa. That’s what it means to be dominant and passive.” He left.

Misaki was once again confused and confused by Usui’s actions. Don’t bother me anymore!

Maki returns to Tora to share her findings with him. Misaki is a maid. It seems that Usui sensed that Tora was not well and warned Misaki. But this girl was too stupid for her own sake.

May 20, 2010 Episode 8: Misaki arrives at Miyabigoka Academy

The Miyabigoka boys led by VP Maki will visit Misaki. They come with gifts from Tora, who wants her to move to Miyabigaoka, and even open an invitation for her younger sister, Suzuna. She has three days to decide. Misaki wondered if her sister would jump at the chance to go to a prestigious school, to which she replied, “If I had money, I’d rather buy real crabs than make tofu for dinner.”

At school, the other students who overheard the offer assumed that Misaki couldn’t refuse such an offer. The two boys that Misaki stepped in to protect. “She stood up for us when nobody wanted. She alone believed in us and even went to Miyabigaoka to apologize for us.”

Misaki has a conflicting reaction about whether to stay or go. Even Usui let her decide for herself.

When the day finally came, she went to Miyabigaoka alone. She accidentally stepped into a trap set by Tora. After the drink was spilled on Maki, she was taken to the women’s restroom. Her uniform was taken away and the only clothing that remained was the maid’s uniform. That means either walking around in a towel and facing Tora.

He immediately saw her as a worthless and easy opponent who had fallen for his schemes too easily. He even revealed that he knew her as a maid at a coffee shop. He locked her in a room guarded by his henchmen. She realized that this was the real lustful and deceitful man he was. He threw her money and asked, “Is that enough to entertain me?” They came attracted by the money. You are like any other woman.”

Money thrown at Misaki

Money is thrown to Misaki

Undeterred, she replied, “It’s your fault that others are worthless. Nobody is worthless. I have come to decline your offer.’ She will never leave her attempts to displease him with her aikido, as he slowly approached her to kiss her (and even did so, unthinkably), she whispered softly, ‘ Usu.”

Misaki attacked

Misaki Attack

In a flash, the door swung open and Usui, the knight in her shining armor, entered. “That!” He announced his presence after defeating Tora’s minions to a pulp. “She’s no one to touch,” and what makes her unhappy at Tora’s grip, “…perverted brother.”

As they leave the room, he says he can’t believe she was tricked by Tora. Before Usui gave her a chance to make a name for herself, she pulled out her school uniform. Where he finds time to get her uniform is beyond me. Realizing that she had just been rescued, she once again said “thank you” softly while blushing. He was so surprised that she even called him. “It’s not meant to be heard,” she argues. But: “I heard it.”

As they exited Miyabigaoka’s courtyard, they found a group of Seika High students outside waiting for their president to return. Her friends encouraged the students to take action, as they all believed their president was worthy of their loyalty and trust. Just as they were part of Seika, so was she.

May 27, 2010 Episode 9: A maid who goes as far as Momotarou

Warning: fillers!



In the dream sequence narrating the famous Japanese folk tale Momotarou, Misaki plays the role of Momotarou, the peach blossom boy/girl, and the demon Usui. The dog, the pheasant and the monkey are played by three idiots, with Usui playing the pipe. The group arrives on an island to find missing women from a nearby village, believed to have been kidnapped by the demon. When Misaki finally reaches the island, she realizes that the girls were not captured against their will, but came here alone because of the selfishness of the men in the village. Through Usui’s account of Misaki’s dream sequence, they soon begin dating.

June 3, 2010 Episode 10: Sakura’s love in India

Warning! Warning! Another ANOTHER pen!

Misa’s good friend Sakura fell in love with the lead singer of an indie rock band. Kuuga from the aforementioned rock band Umemishi invites Sakura to a tea party at a coffee shop. Realizing that Misaki was “on a date” with her friend, Usui asked her for the details. only girls? From where? With whom? To see a boy band? What will you do? Shortly thereafter, she fired him.

The girls eventually make it to the cafe where, ironically, the Fools work (to save time at the Maid Cafe). Kuuga starts chatting with the girls but soon attacks Misaki while ignoring Sakura. Kuuga tells Misaki that he only cares about Sakura by paying her for this fan service, but he really doesn’t care about her. However, he takes care of Misaki. Even his bandmate Kou tries to stop Kuuga’s unwanted attention to Misaki, but to no avail. He would break out of his alliance if he thought he could get Misaki without getting past Usui first. He comes to her rescue disguised as a waiter when Kuuga harasses her in front of the girls’ restroom, only to present himself as a stalker and not her boyfriend. After Kuuga leaves, Usui tells the nervous Misaki that he gets annoyed sometimes too, but he can’t help himself as he’s quite possessive. He doesn’t understand the situation at hand, but he tries to give her the best advice to deal with such a situation. Before leaving, he patted her head.

Back at the table, Kuuga continued to flirt, which quickly turned into insults for Misaki. Sakura was eventually unable to confront Misaki’s character and she stood up to Kuuga to stop his hurtful words. Misaki, finally understanding Usui and Sakura’s words, stood up to protect herself and her friends. This is no problem for a fan who is longingly awaiting this day. Sakura deserves someone better than a lewd freak like him.

As the girls left the cafe, Misaki patted Sakura’s head (like Usui had patted her earlier) and hugged the crying Sakura. Sakura then vows to find someone to pat her on the head like that, someone who genuinely loves her for who she is, just like Usui and Misaki.

Usui is waiting for Misaki at the train station. “You’re late, Mr. President,” Usui remarked affectionately. He followed her home when she realized she had someone who would always love and accept her for who she was.

June 10, 2010 Episode 11: Takumi Usui’s Secret Ending

Usui visits Misaki’s family. It’s time!

Usui runs into Misaki’s mother when he helps her carry the fallen apples home. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re really open minded?” Usui asked while she told him all about Misaki on the way home. She invited him to have tea with Suzuna.

Misaki returns home on well-mended floors to find Usui conversing with her family. Shocked, she immediately drags him to a park and warns him to stay away from her house. Sakura and Shizuko saw the couple and assumed they were dating since they were holding hands. Her mother is easily fooled, but Usui has no intention of tricking her mother into letting a stranger into her home. But surely he understood her a little better now; Her carefully carved bunny ears and her height when she was young. Only he knows her secrets.

The next day, two friends force Misaki to disclose her relationship with Usui. Misaki quickly explained the misunderstanding. But Sakura just dug deeper. “So you’re not going to his house?” “Do you know his address?” “He’s so mysterious. Maybe he’s rich.” As Sakura continued her monologue, Usui overheard her suspicions about him.

After school, Misaki goes to Maid Latte. Sakura and Shizuko follow Usui to the coffee shop and wake up Misaki to see if she wants to spy on him. Misaki hurriedly left work in case they entered the cafe while she was working. They are shocked when Usui actually visits Maid Latte. They guessed he liked someone who worked at the coffee shop. Usui eventually exits the café as they continue to follow him; Follow him from the sports club to get the girls’ attention there, to a luxury tailor where a regular suit costs 500,000 yen, to a luxury restaurant where they think he’s dating a beautiful girl to go baseball play, babysit, and help pedestrians cross the street. By nightfall, the girls had finally given up chasing wild geese around town.

As they say goodbye, Misaki meets Usui who is taking care of an abandoned kitten on the side of the road. This is the first time she shows any interest in him, which is why he allows her to spy on him; Let her know he knows girls are following him. In return, he gives her his address, but she insists she’s not interested. he gasped. “You like me no matter what my house or family looks like? … You can follow me home right away. ”

That evening, when Usui was about to retire for the evening, he put on his glasses and let the rescued kitten, who didn’t bother him too much by scratching and growling at him, stay in his apartment.

June 17, 2010 Episode 12: Another maid at the sports festival

Misaki braced himself for the 81st Sports Day, fighting for the girls and winning them some school awards.

Even after she disagrees, the boys still vote for her, using Sakura as a prize in a game where the winner wins Sakura’s kiss. Misaki vows to protect her friend from these lewd boys. She competed in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 1000m and 1500m events. She alone fights for the rights of the girls and wins their wages before the boys. But she has the wind, does everything alone. However, three boys in particular, led by Gouda (cheese!), don’t want her to have all the glory and victory. As they plan their final fight over Sakura’s kiss, Usui overhears.

Sakura’s Kissing Battle is an off-road course that pits Gouda against a weakened Misaki. During her second final trip underwater, Gouda pushes Misaki in, hoping to knock her out if she falls into the pool, but Usui comes and saves her. Usui takes her place, but Misaki, unwilling to give in, tries to catch up with Gouda and Usui. Usui won, followed by Misaki in second and finally Gouda. After realizing the prize was just a kiss from Sakura, he gave it to Misaki instead.

The last match of the day was a cosplay race. Yukimura, the vice president of the student council, finally has the courage to participate despite not being very good at sports. He took Misaki’s maid uniform, previously created by three idiots, and was teased for it. Misaki stops the laughing boys and stands up for Yukimura, who is trying his best to prove his worth.

At the end of the day, Usui has a lot of bruises all over Misaki’s body since he got up and protected the girls. He ended it with a kiss on her hand.

This man is too good to be true. Where can I find someone like him fainting and spinning 360º?

June 24, 2010, episode 13: With critics, defects and heroes

Aratake from Seisen Middle School searches for Shirokawa Nagoya, the White Devil who once led their group. His group of delinquents followed three idiots to the Maid Café, unable to believe that Shiroyan had become like this.

The next day, the three idiots encounter Yukimura, the student council vice president, who is being forced by his board members to dress up as a girl. Seisen’s thugs arrive in time to mistake Yukimura for Shiroyan’s girl and kidnap him while offering him a challenge at the same time. Meanwhile, Misaki finds the discarded clothes in the student council room and goes with Usui to find the missing owner. She finds three idiots in a frenzy who tell her that VP, disguised as a girl, was kidnapped by students at Seisen High School.

The group arrives in Seisen and find Aoi there as a student. He helps them find the gang.

Aratake was once a weak boy who was hunted by others, but Shiroyan stood up to protect him. When the group suddenly fights each other, wondering who the real leader is, the three jerks are Misaki, Usui, and Aoi. Aratake was beaten by Shiroyan and burst into tears again after seeing his role model. Shiroyan introduces the gang to their leader – Misaki. They quickly bowed to their new leader because, ironically, she became the leader of the thugs.

When they left, Yukimura was forgotten.

July 1, 2010 Episode 14: Grades 1-7 Satorou Kanou

It seems that Seika Middle School gets along better with the girls off campus. Maybe Misaki can increase the girl population next semester. Satorou Kanou heard this and began interfering in the student council’s activities and affairs. He hates girls and would do anything to thwart Misaki’s plans to increase the school population and sabotage her presidency.

He kidnaps the transmitter to hypnotize her and turns her into a drunk to ruin her image with the students. Usui comes to save her. He records their behavior as evidence. The next day, Usui shows her unruly behavior. She remembers who hypnotized her – Satorou Kanou from Classes 1-7! Kanou tries to get Usui to make him hate her but it doesn’t work for him. Then he would have to defeat Misaki.

He hypnotizes her again if she falls asleep within 24 hours and wakes up from her sleep she will hate Usui and thereby break the tag team. Misaki dragged her through the night while Usui stayed in front of her house to keep her awake. The next morning, when they went to school, she brought him breakfast—expired vermicelli (better than nothing). Their efforts are in vain when Kanou tries to trade Yukimura’s blueberry health supplement for Misaki’s sleepy painkiller. She couldn’t sleep with only 5 minutes left. Before she drifts away, she wonders if she remembers their good times together and how grateful she really is to him. Usui tells her that hypnosis will never work if she doesn’t believe. Usui promises that he will keep saving her and make her love him as much as she wants; tells her that her “master” will take care of everything.



Can Kanou win? Or is Usui’s power of persuasion better?

July 8, 2010 Episode 15: School Visitors’ Association and a Glass Rabbit

As it turned out, Misaki wasn’t sleeping. She’s just pretending. With Kanou’s defeat, Misaki quickly imposed punishment. He is forced to help the girls at school during the upcoming cultural festival to introduce the school to potential students. It is only then that Misaki realizes that Kanou’s gynophobia (unreasonable fear of women) stems from his mother abandoning him at a young age. His father warned him to be careful of all women. Misaki forces him to overcome his fear and finally earns the respect he deserves from Kanou.

At the same time, Usui is drawn to the school festival thanks to Misaki. He’s forced to help backward sports clubs, from football to baseball to ping-pong to kendo, until he’s finally relegated.

He calls it a day and takes Misaki to claim his rightful reward for that day. She awkwardly patted his head and he asked, “May I come in?”

July 15, 2010 Episode 16: Maid Latte at a Beach Party

Three idiots go to the cafe only to find out that it’s closed for the next few days. The staff is on a trip to the manager’s sister’s beach house. There they meet Nagisa and Aoi. Even Usui was there after being invited by the manager to be the girls’ bodyguard. In the event that Misaki drowns, he can do it to her verbally. Her girls go swimming, but only Misaki wears a school swimsuit. But even that made Usui keep an eye on her. When other girls approach him on the beach, he ignores them.

Looks like the beach front restaurant/restaurant doesn’t fare too well. The girls decided to turn on their skills as maids at the beach house and showed off their charms in swimsuits and aprons. Misaki hides in the back and works with Aoi, only to see customers slowly coming in. Business is booming! And Misaki is supposed to help too, but not in her school swimsuit. Her manager, Sagisa, gives her a pink phone number and when Misaki changes it, Usui wakes up in shock to see Misaki standing in front of her almost naked. He’s even more nervous when he learns that she’ll go out the way she “dresses.” He quickly grabbed her, leaving a machete on her back. Now everyone will see the mark on her back.

Misaki changed into a t-shirt and shorts. After a busy day, the main reward for the crew is free passes to the nearby hot springs. However, Honoka, the other maids, tell them that the area around the hot spring is haunted. Plus, they’ll all be naked while bathing in the relaxing warm water. Naked? Oh boy! Misaki will have a chance to relax and spend time with the others. She is back! She faked her illness and had to stay at home. Usui is with her too.

With tears in her eyes (after everyone left), she blamed her predicament on Usui. After racing a bit, she found that she still had the ticket in her hand! Even out of fear of being haunted, she still runs after them into the woods. Eventually, she gets lost and panics when suddenly, out of nowhere, a hand grabs her. She screamed only to realize it was Usui. She cried in shock and relief when Usui hugged her while she was shaking. She begs him to let her go, but he says he won’t let her go until she calms down. And so Aoi found her in a deep hug in the middle of the forest. Got the room.

Misaki eventually made it to the hot spring, only to be told by her manager that tickets were an extra charge. It’s not what they need.

July 22, 2010 Episode 17: Usui becomes an enemy

Still at the beach house for the second day in a row, Misaki said good morning while brushing her teeth with Usui. They overheard Aoi and his aunt Nagisa talking. If Aoi wins the upcoming beach volleyball tournament, she will allow him to cross dress at the restaurant and not do all the heavy lifting. Due to the age limit of 20 and over 4 years, however, she is not an option as a partner.

Misaki, touched by Aoi’s determination, becomes his comrade. But Usui, after learning that the winning couple became the prince and princess of the beach, asked Misa not to go. Not understanding his sudden dissatisfaction, she continued. In the end, the duo both burst into flames and faced the tournament with fiery eyes. They were surprised when Erika and Usui were also named as candidates. They slide through their hoops, confusing and frightening their opponents with their energy. Meanwhile, Usui wowed the crowd (the girls) with her gentleness and charm as she surfed through the competitive rounds.

Aoi and Misaki on fire

Aoi and Misaki caught fire

Misa argues that maybe Usui is just trying to crush the rest of the tougher opponents because of Aoi… or maybe not. Maybe he just wanted to win. Now they are in the finals and Usui/Erika meets Aoi/Misa. After Usui/Erika win the first set, Misaki wonders why did Usui suddenly become their enemy when he was always a nice guy?! Saying that last part out loud really shocked Usui. So she wants Usui?

Either way, they have a game to win. Aoi tries his best to get the hardest dive balls and when he finally hits one, the ball goes to the other side of the court but Misaki doesn’t let go of it. She runs towards it, saves it, but loses her balance in the process. As she was about to crash into the referee’s chair and injure herself, Usui charged forward, shielding her from the impact and saving the referee from tipping over. When he is injured, Aoi and Misaki win the match. However, Misaki skips the party that night to apologize to Usui.

“What if I say I don’t forgive you?” he asks.

He soon reveals that the only reason he doesn’t want Misa to enter and win the tournament is because he doesn’t want her to be photographed as a beach princess and then be photographed by others. She was the only one he could look at and enjoy. He will not share them with others. However, Misa asks him if he thinks Aoi’s problem is more important.

“No, you are more important to me,” he replied seriously. “And I’m not kidding.”

The kiss that almost happened

The kiss almost happened

Under the starry night at the sea shore, the two almost kissed. The magic is broken when the fireworks start firing. He did, however, put his hand on her warm cheek. Blushing, she said slyly that this was due to the influence of the sun from before.

Aoi becomes the new beach princess and the group decides to take a family picture before leaving the beach. Everyone else already knew they were a couple, but Misa firmly denied it. Elsewhere, three idiots are camping out at a coffee shop, ready for Misaki’s return from her beach vacation.

July 29, 2010 Episode 18: Even the maid is a footman

Kanou wants to get used to hanging out with girls by befriending Yukimura. Then Misaki suddenly realized that she should pay Usui back. She bumps into him, only for him to tell her that she can repay him by “being his personal maid for a day”. Well then, if that’s all he wants…can’t she really say no? After all, he saved her from stalkers, perverts and hypnotists. Allowing himself to open up, Usui returned his dejected reply, “Are you prepared for the lewd things that are about to happen to you?”

At the maid café, three idiots go nuts over a fortune cookie. To silence her, Misaki pulls out a cookie that reads “Return the offer now.”

Suddenly, Miyabigaoka Student Council Vice President Kanade Maki entered the cafe. They plan a hostile takeover of the Maid Cafe. Kanade Maki is the heir to the Maki Food Corporation. They bought the entire building and will replace the Maid Café with a butler restaurant. Not long after, the mastermind behind the evil conspiracy was revealed: student council president Igarashi Tora. Tora assures them that this is not a trick. Maki has proven himself worthy of serving his Lord (Torah) and this business is just too perfect for him. A long-legged audition is coming up soon. Before they leave, Maki leaves the terms of the contract to Satsuki, the manager, who stares at her in shock, unable to understand the news. Misaki follows them and asks their motives for choosing Maid Café as their takeover. could it be her Tora chases Maki away but tries to joke with Misaki. Usui appeared immediately and pulled her into a secure hug. She innocently tells Tora that the store is important to all of them, whether workers or customers. He laughs at her innocence and sarcastically hints that she will still work there after graduation. By the way, “Why don’t you try the audition?” And as an afterthought: “Oh yes, it’s only for men.”

Days later, Misaki and Subaru dressed as men enter the men-only pedestrian auditions. One of the conditions of the evaluation is that participation must be in pairs. When they entered the courtyard, they saw a huge crowd. It almost feels like an American Idol audition, except Maki Corporation promises good pay. The audition began with a marathon that tested the endurance of the contestants. One partner has to carry the other as they run through the woods, uphill, and back to the gym. Only 50 pairs were cut in the first round. Two of the three idiots were there too. They meet another masked couple and not long after, Misaki sees Kanou and Yukimura there as well. Misa quickly borrows Satsuki’s glasses to hide her identity.

Masked duo

Masked duo

In the gym, the idiots, Kanou/Yukimura and the masked couple are inside. At that moment, the perverted tyrant Tora appeared. As the auditions get tougher, Misaki and Subaru pass with flying colors. However, Subaru made a mistake in the speed test. Everyone has one minute to change their coats. But as time runs out, Subaru’s girl identity is revealed for not being fast enough. When Subaru was eliminated, they also began revealing the masked couple. It’s none other than Usui and Aoi tasked with sabotaging the takeover. However, Aoi was disqualified for being underage. Both partners are also eliminated, but Tora intervenes and asks Misa and Usui to be paired. However, Misaki must prove that she is a boy. She took Usui’s hand and put it directly on her chest. “Flat as a board,” said the surprised, but quickly found Usui. As the audience burst out laughing, Usui ruffled Misa’s hair.

Boob grabbing dragon technique

Boob Dragon catching technique

Enter the next round of auditions as Usui and Misa form an impressive new team.

Aug 5, 2010

In the second part of the audition, Usui and Misaki work together as a team while trying to hide Misa’s identity from Yukimura and Kanou. They go through a few other rounds of missions: setting the table for afternoon tea and simulating butler service while they chat. Participants must decide who they are making tea for and then choose the right bed linen and tea set. Misa decided that they would prepare an English tea for the women and ladies and followed Usui’s instructions on how to decorate the table. She couldn’t help but wonder, “How perfect can Usui be?”

They are then given a pause as Yukimura and Kanou approach Usui, who pretends not to know them and calls himself “Nott Usui”. Elsewhere, Misa finds herself in an identity dilemma as she is forced to choose between a women’s or men’s room. Returning to the stage, she vowed not to take such risks again. Usui gave her her number

Usui had to continue despite a serious arm injury. He has a good face, but Misaki realizes he’s hurt. Maki, the relay, offers to call a doctor, but Usui refuses saying he’s fine. It was finally their turn to show up for the competition and the bruises on his left arm and wrist were getting bigger and bigger. Misaki does all the heavy lifting, but Maki points out that she only stands up for Usui. When Maki tried to corner Usui, he stepped on the plate and made a violin. He started playing it, making great music even with an arm injury and possibly a broken wrist. He’s forced to play through dinner when Usui bites the bullet and does his best to keep going for her sake. Misaki, seeing his condition, finally told him that was more than enough. She made him stop. She apologizes to Maki that Usui’s arm is injured and he needs immediate help.

Just as her work is going downhill, Misaki gains momentum when she starts talking about the virtues of being a housekeeper. They shouldn’t have called their butler restaurant “Caring Hearts.” The Maid Cafe staff really care and support each other. Only then can they really serve customers comprehensively.

Through the Old England butler training, the owners never compromise with their employees. But Misaki may have hit Maki’s psyche and made him see her point of view. Looks like Maki had a change of heart. Instead, they will settle elsewhere.

The Maid Café continues when Misaki arrives at the hospital to take care of Usui. However, he left the hospital in the face of a better assessment from the doctors. Misaki finds him in her sparse house. She quickly realized he had a fever and threatened to send him back to the hospital if he didn’t get a rest soon. She then murmured, “Please…just get well.” Freaking out at her sudden interest, she began asking questions in rapid succession: “Did you call yourself a parent?” “Why did you leave the hospital?” “Have you eaten yet?” Usui skips to the last question, this is his chance to eat what she’s cooking. However, she overcooked the rice, turning it into a soupy mush, not quite mush. He complained that he couldn’t lift his spoon and suggested she feed him. Oh, and he doesn’t like hot food either. After he finished eating, he began preparing for a nap. She tried to help him undress but he just stared at her and made her blush.

Get a room already…

Checking in already… oh wait. You are in a room. Alone.

Feeling very sorry for him, she apologizes for his condition and blames her dependence on him for his illness. She owed him again. She thinks she is independent, but without him she just seems useless. He hugged her warmly. “That’s really unfair to you, Ayazawa,” he said. “I relied on you too.”

“That’s okay!” (you lie) she replied.

Didn’t she notice? She suits him. “It’s not fair to you because you don’t know anything.”

* blush *

August 12, 2010 Episode 20: Is the Vice President a Prince?

* FULLY! *

Yukimura has a younger sister who likes to be convinced that she is a princess. Worse, Ruri refuses to acknowledge her brother, whom she doesn’t see as the ideal prince. A chance meeting with Usui makes her fantasize about her chance with her real “prince”. Yukimura persuades Usui to meet Ruri to get some marzipan with her. His intrigues backfire, however, as Ruri now considers Usui to be her brother and not him. Kanou and Misaki unsuccessfully try to break them by scaring them and acting as the third wheel. However, Ruri tracks her down and, in a fit of rage, storms into the Maid Cafe. She knocked over a cabinet because it nearly fell on her, but Usui stopped him and Yukimura protected her from the falling contents. In the end, the brother scolded his younger sister for taking her role too far. Realizing her mistake, she admits Yukimura as her brother.

Aoi wakes up to be harassed by a group of thugs. He is rescued by Kanou and Yukimura, who do not recognize him. Aoi shows off her guarding skills and recruits her and three idiots to film a promotional video.

August 19, 2010 Episode 21: Is Shintani’s Rival Hinata Usui?

Sports clubs are forced to clean their club rooms because of the stench they emit. They declined but were amused when Yukimura promised to feed them after cleaning up. Amidst the chaos, Usui finally arrives at school after a hospital stay.

“Long time no see,” he said to Misaki, who immediately blushed when she saw him. Yukimura wondered what they should do to raise the boys. Onigiri? What does Usui like?

“Mash,” he replied, not skipping a beat. Misaki turns beet red.

Just to change the subject, Misaki noticed Kanou getting closer to Yukimura. They are. But will Misaki and Usui move forward? He asks if she is officially Usui’s girlfriend. Why else would she cook porridge for him and take care of him while he was ill? She denies it and tells him she would never fall in love with a perv like him while blushing at the suggestion.

Kanou then sees Usui at his locker, pulling out more love letters. He asked Kanou to reject the girls on his behalf. He replied, “If that’s a problem, go on a date with the chairman!”

“It takes a lot of effort to take things so seriously,” Usui replied.

Come back? Kanou then realizes that for Usui, dating and being very interested in someone are two separate and different things.

During the night, Misaki trains at home to make REAL rice balls, round instead of triangular, but keeps thinking about Usui’s porridge. In the morning, Kanou helps the student council prepare the onigiri. He asked Yukimura what was going on with Usui and Misaki.

“You are the golden combination.” They are good at sports, study and do everything (except cooking in Misaki’s case). Just then the meal preparation was complete. Only Misaki has round balls. Kanou tasted it and found it very crispy.

Usui watches the boys clean the clubroom and discovers that the new boy, Hinata Shintani, eats grass at school. Abnormal.

Death Trap


Once the task was completed, they ran to the home teacher’s classroom to enjoy the promised meal. They unwittingly defame Misaki’s efforts. “You have something strange here.” “Just throw it away.” And it attacks the new kid, Hinata Shintani, taking him out in the process. Sadly, after chasing the boys to clear her mind, she returned to the utility room to find that Yukimura and the rest had cleaned up the room for her. They also left their hard rice balls. She got a much needed nap.

Usui goes into the family room, sees them sleeping, and tastes their inedible rice balls as if his teeth almost broke. Your skills are truly unbeatable. But he hugged her and took advantage of all her efforts. When she woke up, all the rice balls were gone. This is love sacrificing teeth.

A watching Kanou is confused as the two refuse to admit their feelings for each other and want to move on in their relationship.

Avarice NKOTB

Avarice NKOTB that puts everything in her mouth…weed included

New exchange student Hinata begins to tease Misaki for her childishness and mercenary nature. He even tried to eat in class, but Misaki stopped him and he started crying. However, the boys seem to admire Hinata for her gift at foraging. Even as she showed him around the schoolyard, he continued to eat until she confiscated his food in frustration. Then she caught Usui staring at her. When they finally met, he noticed that she was spending too much time with someone new. “I am neglected.” Just as she caught Usui looking at her, he also noticed that she was looking at him. Try to reject this Misaki.

Just when Golden Combi is getting too hot, the girls go looking for Misaki just as the boy is starting to get in a mess. It turned out to be nothing. He just distracts the guys who are starting to like the fact that he has the same senses as a dog. He tells them that he used to be a fat boy and almost ate his grandfather’s farm. He was supposed to go but in truth he came back to find his first love. When she rescued him from a tree, he promised her, “I will follow Misaki-chan forever.”

You-kun? Misaki got a headache. Misaki realizes he’s her chubby childhood friend You-kun. Usui noticed that. Hinata climbs the tree to find her while everyone panics slightly. He, with gentle urging, refused to come down until Misaki swore she would confiscate his food. In doing so, he slipped. While shouting his nickname You-kun, Hinata realized who she was and landed at his feet like a monkey in the circus. “Misaki-chan!” he whispered as he hugged her. “I’ve missed you so!”

Professor. Is Hinata a threat to Usui?

August 26, 2010 Episode 22: Marker game for outdoor school

practice ride! The undergrads at Seika High School were tricked by their seniors into believing it was a fun outing. Instead, it was five agonizing and arduous days of enlightenment in a Buddhist temple; it is exercise, purification, meditation with very little food, very little sleep and hard work.

Misaki is harassed by girls who want to know about her relationship with Hinata. In addition, she must stop Hinata and Usui from killing each other while vying for her attention. Although Hinata admits that Usui is cool, he would also have a crush on Usui if he were a girl. Firm body, attractive appearance, who doesn’t know that?!

On the first night, Hinata accidentally swallowed her food, thinking it would take a moment. Instead, he was punished for his greed by sweeping the floor in the middle of the night. Misaki checks on him, only to find him in his room rummaging through food. When the monk came looking for them, they hid, but unfortunately for Misaki, she was locked in the room with Hinata. As Hinata shivered at the prospect of two runaway teenagers locked together, Misaki could only smile as she didn’t see him as a man. He’s just a childhood friend, after all. Usui suddenly bursts into the storage room and pushes her out as her husband.

Boy vs. Man

boy vs man

Two days later her boys were completely exhausted. Usui and Hinata start fighting, a confrontation between two men. In this case, a mediocre man is a boy. Hinata asks Usui if he loves Misaki, or even better, if the two are dating. “If it were us, we wouldn’t do it,” he replied.

On the fourth day of the trip, during a torrential downpour, the students were well-equipped to hike to a nearby campsite. Guys start losing their minds and start lusting after girls. The accompanying teachers separate the boys’ from the girls’ huts at night by fencing off the bridges. However, the river overflowed due to heavy rain and the barrier could not be removed. The boys climb over to get to the girls.

Misaki takes action, along with Hinata (who was watching the rest of the boys there thinking it was a card game) to scare the lecherous boys away. Usui eventually comes to help her and as soon as he arrives the boys run away because they are too scared of him. Hinata is surprised by this, and Misaki explains that the boys not only like Usui, but also respect him. Hinata can only agree that Usui is a wonderful man. After the unfortunate incident, Usui finds an opportunity to confront Misaki about Hinata. “Does he have something special for you?” he asked while leaning against her in the tree.

She explains that Hinata is just a childhood friend. Just make it

She only has eyes for Usui. He just had to prove to her that her heart already belonged to him. With the weight lifted, he passed out from hunger on top of her.

Meanwhile, the boys discover that the famous Hinata ruined her meat for the nightly barbecue. One’s life will be short lived.

September 2, 2010 Episode 23:Candy Party at Maid Latte

Erika accidentally promises a customer if they win the Eat Sweets at the Cafe contest. Employees are prohibited from going out with customers. To help Erika in her predicament, Misaka enters in disguise to win the competition. But anger followed Misaki like a moth.

As it turned out, the promised customer was none other than Hinata himself. And the only reason he joined was because he heard about the FREE Candy Eating Contest.

Days later, disguised as “Mr. Bisanki”, Misaki enters the contest at the cafe, only to find that it was Hinata that Erika promised to spend time with. Usui wasn’t fooled by Misaki’s disguise. As the dessert contest progressed, the boys slowly walked away one by one because they couldn’t handle their blood sugar levels. Only Misaki and Hinata stayed, but even she couldn’t take the sugar chemical flood anymore. Hinata wins the contest and gets to choose a maid of her choice to wait on him and take pictures with him. Misaki’s name was never removed from this Handmaid list. Hinata immediately jumped at the opportunity to have Misa-chan serve him without realizing what it washismisaki

After the competition, Misaki quickly escapes and hides in the park while recovering from her sweet death. Usui watched her and gave her his lap to lie on. She accepted the offer, though often loudly, but hidden under her coat while lying on his lap. She realizes that Usui sees through everything she does. There is nothing to hide from him. He kissed her head while his cloak was draped over her.

The girls hatch a plan to keep Misaki’s secret by disguising her with a large mask on her head. Before that, she would accompany Hinata to the coffee shop as a guest and then apologize afterwards. Of course Usui joined them that day. Hinata reveals he has a part-time job after Misaki remembers him as a lazy and lying boy. He works hard to change for the better. To draw her attention, Misaki turned the subject back to Hinata’s work. He suspects that Misaki also has a part-time job and asks about it. She is confused and is looking for Usui to lie to her or not. Misaki defends herself and Usui realizes that she doesn’t want to lie to this boy. This is a friend who just can’t take lies. Hinata tells Usui that it was Misaki who made him confront his feelings after losing his parents in an accident. He’s liked her ever since.

“So this is a declaration of war?” commented Usui.

Shortly thereafter, Misaki turns out to be the maid at the coffee shop while she serves Hinata. Hinata got so excited that she revealed her secret. He was so shocked that he screamed and the man grabbed Misaki. However, Usui disguises himself as a waiter to save her and move away. Before leaving, Usui warns Hinata never to touch Misaki again. Usui and Misaki went to the back. She tells him that she really doesn’t want to lie to a childhood friend.

The boy sure sparkles

The boy definitely sparkles

“Really, Ayuzawa. You are terrible!”

Hinata ran backwards and caught up with her. He grabbed her again as the angry Usui cornered him.

“I told you,” Usui growled as he freed Misaki from his embrace, “if you touch my Misaki one more time, I’ll rip you to pieces!”

This is how the fight between Doberman and Poodle begins.

September 9, 2010 Episode 24:Latte Magic Mellow Mellow Rin ♥

The rivalry between Hinata and Usui slowly spirals out of control. Hinata went to the student council room and asked Misaki to go out and play with him. She angrily tells him that he can’t just walk into the room and interrupt their meeting. Why is Usui allowed to be there since he’s not a council member? They start fighting and Misaki is forced to throw the rebellious boys out of the student council room.

At the coffee shop, the manager announces that they are hosting a Magic Witch event, and Misaki has to learn about the term.

Hinata, returning from her job as a gas station, tries to find the cherry tree where he first met Misaki. Instead, he saw the persimmons rolling down his path. He selects a dish to eat and discovers that it belongs to Misaki’s mother. He helps her carry her things home and has a little reunion with her old playmate Suzuna. However, Misaki has no time for him. She had to prepare for her witch event the next day with anime DVDs that the other maids lent her.

Usui, who was hiding from the Maid Café, eventually visited it. He was disturbed by Hinata’s appearance at the cafe. Now that he’s here (along with three drooling and passed out jerks), things are “back to normal.” In fact, he even teaches one of the maids how to make a better parfait while telling her that Misaki calls him a perverted alien. But when Hinata arrived, the mood in the cafe changed.

Misaki served the 3 idiots a “spell” to stop them from lying, a really bad concoction that made them pack their things in the toilet – at least one of them. Hinata then asks for a drink that he can use to defeat his opponent. But Usui tells him to win based on his own ability. After that he left as he didn’t want to cause Misaki (much) trouble and inconvenience. Hinata then calls in a seeking spell to find the cherry tree they hit first.

After her shift, Aoi, who is not allowed to serve customers behind her, told her about her relationship with Usui. What is Usui for you? Friend? competitors? Misaki replied that what she thought of him before had changed.

Okay, “What is he to you NOW?”

Unable to answer, she pulled out the trash can. There Usui was waiting for her. Shocked to see him there, she talks about the cold weather. He should wear a coat. To get attention, she tries to make it seem like she cares about him. He smiled as she blushed. He gave her her space. He had overheard the conversation with Aoi. Now it’s time for her to answer him honestly.

“What am I to you now?”

Confused, she slaps him, but he resists, expressing his feelings instead. He hugged her and chanted the same “Truth” spell she used on the 3 idiots to stop them from lying.

aww…Time to get a room

aww… time to check in

“You’re not even a wizard,” she whispered. “You can’t cast a spell.” But secretly he enjoys lying in his arms.

Elsewhere, Hinata finally finds a cherry tree and tells Misaki about her childhood.

September 16, 2010 Episode 25: Hinata, Misaki

Under the cherry tree, Hinata begins to reminisce about her time with her grandparents. Although he was surprisingly popular with the girls at his old middle school, his heart belonged to Misaki.

Elsewhere in the school, Sakura invites Misaki and Shizuko to a Yumemishi concert in conjunction with the Yumesaki High School Cultural Festival. Sakura wants Misaki and Shizuko to agree to the new Kuuga. He intentionally changed for the better after he was hospitalized with an injury and she took care of him. Hearing this, Usui invites himself to join the girls.

After school, Misaki goes to the coffee shop for fortune telling day, with Erika (the troublemaker) as the fortune teller. The 3 Idiots went on a test run that ended with being told that their relationship with Misaki was like a gray day, something that would never happen. Hinata immediately followed suit. He was seen as “an empty ball of paper”, worse than the previous cloudy prediction. All eyes are on Usui as his fortune is read with Misaki. Erika tells him that their relationship “can’t be as harmonious as fire and water if he doesn’t try harder”.

The boys left unsatisfied.

But Usui was waiting for Misaki to come home from work. He expressed his concern about their “incompatibility”.

“Don’t take ownership too seriously,” says Misaki.

But he kept rambling and finally said that maybe they couldn’t be together.

“You left me for this?!” : O


Usui understood. Hinata heard.

Misaki realized what she had just said. Too late.

To make up for the time lost the day before, Hinata tries to help Misaki clean up the school gate the next day after being harassed by the sports club. His help was in vain when he failed to turn off the faucet properly. It was loose and water splashed everywhere, drenching both clumsy and Misaki. Of course, Usui happened to drop by and told her to change for the better. He quickly removed his shirt to cover Misaki’s wetness, revealing that he was wearing a camisole underneath, despite her claim.

The ultimate gentleman

The Last Lord

Seeing this, Hinata knew that she was no match for the chivalrous, charming, and consummate Usui. Misaki and Usui leave, but not before he lets out a bark, confirming which one is his. Even though Hinata knew this would be the result, it still hurt.

Hottie alert

Hottie alert!

Days later at the Yumesaki Festival, the friends were amazed at the scale of the festival and the preparations for it. Yumemishi eventually arrives as the crowd tries to get closer to her, much to Misaki’s disgust. Sakura fell but was saved by Kuuga who dragged her along, Misaki saw. However, Misaki and Usui were quickly separated from the crowd by Sakura and Shizuko. Of course, Sakura refused to leave her favorite spot in front of the stage. And just like that, Misaki and Usui accidentally had their first date while enjoying the festival.

September 23, 2010 Episode 26: It’s Not Fair Ayuzawa…Usui Idiot!

Still worried about Sakura, Usui tries to convince Misaki to be happy to change. Misaki pushes her away from the stiff crowd, but Usui manages to be showered with food and gifts as he leaves the crowd of his admirers behind. When he finds her, he gives her his dango, which she comments as “cute” after taking a bite from him. This feels like a…

“Dating,” Usui finished his thoughts out loud.

Step 1: foreplay

Step 1: Foreplay

He put his hapless cat ears on her when he saw that they were both thinking the same thing. They ended up entering a competition called the Trial of Love. The only rule of the game is never to leave partner’s hand while completing all challenges. The prize is a ticket to an event after the festival. As Misaki ranted about the 500 entry fee, Usui placed an “attendance verification item” in the form of a heart-shaped necklace on her chest. It wouldn’t be a waste if she got a souvenir of it. Both are whales of their time, although neither of them says so openly. After successfully completing many tedious challenges:

The boy band

boy band

At the concert grandstands, Sakura and Shizuko waited more than 2 hours before Yumemishi took the stage. When Sakura saw Kuuga come on stage, she realized that she was in love with him. The band performed three insert songs (performed by Nojima Kenji): “Natsukoi Monogatari”, “Yume no Hana” and “Akane”.

Hearing the start of the concert, Misaki and Usui almost got separated from the rushing crowd again. He teases her when he sees that she might want to hold his hand again like they did at the competition.

The performance eventually ended and Misaki was asked to meet with Kuuga. Instead, she met him in disguise in the bathroom. She warns him not to use Sakura, but realizes that he is really serious about Sakura, and even she believes it (although she still has some doubts about him). Sakura not only cares about his health, but is also the only one who sees him for who he really is. On the other hand, Misaki should take care of her boyfriend instead of the others. When she said Usui wasn’t her boyfriend, Kuuga laughed. The poor man is still waiting for her and taking the punches?

Step 2: dazzle

Step 2: Apertures

Not wanting a day after the festival ends, Usui and Misaki decide to use their tickets. It turned out to be a special cosplay service as Romeo and Juliet one day. They entered a classroom to watch fireworks. With Kuuga’s words haunting her, Misaki begins to feel guilty for tying Usui to her. She confessed that she was hopelessly confused by him. She also wanted to hold his hand after the competition. Though she didn’t directly admit her feelings, Usui was caught off guard.

“Are you holding back?”

“You are really cruel, Ayazawa,” he replied. “Do you really want me to answer that?” he asked while approaching her. He cornered her and asked if she cared about him. She always lied, blushed and was nervous whenever she was around him. He knows. He saw it. Does she refuse him too?

Unable to answer, he dropped her from the conversation. Just as he was about to leave the room, she took his hand and openly admitted that she too was in denial.

Step 3: seal the deal

Step 3: Sign the contract

Finally, he kissed her in the empty classroom as the fireworks went off.

“I love you, Ayuzawa.”

“I hate you,” she answered not quite honestly. “Usui, you idiot!”

Finally they left with folded hands.


Usui soon reveals his identity as the illegitimate child of one of Misaki’s heirs. His mother, whose maiden name is Usui, was in a relationship with a Japanese man, but died giving birth. To hide this bad love, his English grandfather sent him to his Japanese grandmother’s family. He was later adopted by his mother’s cousin in Japan and raised through private tutoring. Bored with this life, he enrolled in a “normal” high school, where his family rented him a high-rise apartment in the city while he attended school. Here his popularity with the girls grew, but he systematically rejected them all until Misaki showed up.

Gerard and Usui

Punch: Gerhard

British half-brother Gerard Walker (30 years old), a successful businessman but not as perfect as Usui is perfect. Although they look similar, their similarities end there. Their personalities are like night and day. Gerard even had his bodyguard, Cedric Morris, keep an eye on Usui. Cedric, Ceddy is known to Gerard, hates Misaki and even warns her to leave the Usui/Walker family alone if she knows what’s good for her. He thinks that Misaki doesn’t belong to any particular social status to be seen with him. On one occasion, Misaki Usui almost confessed her true feelings, but realizing that Cedric could overhear this and reported it to his master, Usui kissed her. He tells her to “wait for the right moment” so as not to share her confessions with scattered ears and loose-lipped.

Another thorn in Usui’s side is Igarashi Tora, the student council president of Miyabigoka Middle School. He has some connections to the Walker family and uses them to his advantage. Eventually, he sends Miyazono Maria, a young, attractive, and talented English teacher, to Seika High School to force Usui to join Miyabigaoka. (Usui was once a student of Maria’s mother.) Although Misaki has pressured Maria into being her rival because of Usui’a’s affections, she still protects her for attracting unwanted attention. Finally, Maria Misaki confesses her love, even though she already has a fiancé.

Usui and Misaki’s love process continues when Usui is forced to enroll as a third year student at Miyabigaoka High School, causing the two to separate. When Misaki confirmed her feelings for Usui during a school trip to Kyoto, she finally plucked up the courage to “inform” the school that the two were dating. On his first day, Miyabigoka’s “elite” gathered around Usui to “befriend” him as part of Tora’s orders. The group consists of the Umekuoji siblings: Kaon and his brother Tomu and their childhood friend Tomikouji Ichitarou. Kaon even lies to Misaki about being Usui’s fiancé, but Misaki turns this attack in her favor by listing all of Usui’s negative traits. Despite this, Misaki saves the day by saying that regardless of his faults, he is hers and hers alone. With that, Kaon heard a word of defiance and brought his entourage to visit Misaki at the Maid Cafe after school. But Usui is there to save time by getting dressed and going to work.

At the beginning of the school year, Misaki’s younger sister Suzuna enrolls as a freshman at Seika High School. Although she becomes an instant hit with the school’s male students, they keep their distance and take precautions when they learn that she is the Demon President’s younger brother.

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