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Sweat (short story) – Wikipedia

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  • Evaluate 4 ⭐ (22970 Ratings)

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  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about Sweat (short story) – Wikipedia Sweat is a short story by the American writer Zora Neale Hurston, first published in 1926. … The story revolves around a washerwoman and her unemployed, …

  • Match the search results: Robert E. Hemenway, the Chancellor of University of Kansas and the author of a biography of Zora Neale Hurston, praised Sweat as “a remarkable work, her best fiction of the period”.[2]

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Sweat: Study Guide | SparkNotes

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  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about Sweat: Study Guide | SparkNotes ‘Sweat’ is a short story by American writer Zora Neale Hurston, first published in literary magazine Fire!! in 1926. The story centres on Delia, …

  • Match the search results:
    ‘Sweat’ is a short story by American writer Zora Neale Hurston, first published in literary magazine Fire!! in 1926. The story centres on Delia, a washerwoman in a small central Florida town. Delia’s husband, Sykes, does not have a job and is abusive. He resents the fact that Delia has to w…

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Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston Plot Summary | LitCharts

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  • Evaluate 4 ⭐ (27996 Ratings)

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  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston Plot Summary | LitCharts “Sweat” tells the story of a woman in an unhappy and abusive marriage who is eventually freed through an ironic twist of fate.

  • Match the search results: The story opens on a Sunday night with Delia Jones, a hardworking washerwoman, sorting the week’s laundry. Her husband, Sykes, returns home and plays a nasty trick on her with his horsewhip, which resembles a snake. She is frightened and scolds him, but he simply laughs. Sykes calls Delia a hypocrit…

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Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston: Summary & Analysis –

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  • Summary: Articles about Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston: Summary & Analysis – First, some background: Sweat is a short story published in 1926 that focuses on the lives of a poor black couple in the 1920s. It was written …

  • Match the search results: First, some background: Sweat is a short story published in 1926 that focuses on the lives of a poor black couple in the 1920s. It was written by Zora Neale Hurston, an African American author of novels, stories, plays, and essays from the early 20th century. Much of Thurston’s success would come po…

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“Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Multi-Ethnic …

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  • Evaluate 4 ⭐ (36889 Ratings)

  • Top rated: 4 ⭐

  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about “Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Multi-Ethnic … Now frequently anthologized, Zora Neale Hurston’s short story “Sweat” was first published in Firell, a legendary literary magazine of the Harlem Renaissance …

  • Match the search results: Zora Neale Hurston was born on Jan. 7, 1891, in Notasulga, Alabama. Hurston moved with her family to Eatonville, Florida, when she was still a toddler. Her writings reveal no recollection of her Alabama beginnings. For Hurston, Eatonville was always home.

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“Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Women Writers: Texts …

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  • Evaluate 4 ⭐ (26601 Ratings)

  • Top rated: 4 ⭐

  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about “Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Women Writers: Texts … Now frequently anthologized, Zora Neale Hurston’s short story “Sweat” was first published in Firell, a legendary literary magazine of the Harlem Renaissance …

  • Match the search results: Zora Neale Hurston was born on Jan. 7, 1891, in Notasulga, Alabama. Hurston moved with her family to Eatonville, Florida, when she was still a toddler. Her writings reveal no recollection of her Alabama beginnings. For Hurston, Eatonville was always home.

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“Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Women Writers: Texts …

  • Author:

  • Evaluate 4 ⭐ (35494 Ratings)

  • Top rated: 4 ⭐

  • Lowest rating: 2 ⭐

  • Summary: Articles about “Sweat”: Written by Zora Neale Hurston (Women Writers: Texts … Now frequently anthologized, Zora Neale Hurston’s short story “Sweat” was first published in Firell, a legendary literary magazine of the Harlem Renaissance …

  • Match the search results: Zora also had a fiery intellect, and an infectious sense of humor. Zora used these talents–and dozens more–to elbow her way into the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, befriending such luminaries as poet Langston Hughes and popular singer/actress Ethel Waters.

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What Is the Theme of “Sweat” by Zora N. Hurston? – Education …

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  • Evaluate 3 ⭐ (18269 Ratings)

  • Top rated: 3 ⭐

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  • Summary: Articles about What Is the Theme of “Sweat” by Zora N. Hurston? – Education … A literary star of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston wrote a number of award-winning plays, novels and short stories, including the well-known …

  • Match the search results: A literary star of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston wrote a number of award-winning plays, novels and short stories, including the well-known “Sweat.” The story was first published in 1926. “Sweat” tells the story of a domestically abused, religiously devout laundress and her adulterous, d…

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Multi-read content sweat by zora neale hurston

“Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston

It was eleven o’clock at night on a spring evening in Florida. this is sunday On any other night, Delia Jones would have been in bed for two hours by now. But she’s a laundress, and Monday morning means a lot to her. So on Saturday she collected the dirty clothes when she returned the clean ones. Sunday night after church she sorted them and watered the white ones. It saved her almost half a day. A large obstacle in the bedroom kept the clothes she brought home. It’s a lot neater than a few bundles lying around.

She squatted on the kitchen floor next to a large pile of clothes, sorting them into small piles by color and humming a song to a somber tune, still wondering if Sykes, her husband, had disappeared with your horse and box.

Just then, something long, round, soft, and black fell onto her shoulder and slid to the floor beside her. A great terror gripped her. It made her knees weak and her mouth dry, so it was a minute before she could scream or move. Then she saw that it was the big oxwhip her husband liked to carry when he drove.

She looked up at the door and saw him standing there, smiling at her frightened expression. She yelled at him.

“Sykes, how did you throw a whip at me? You know it’s going to impale me—it looks like a snake, and you know Ah impaled a snake. ”

“Of course, I know! That’s how Ah did it. He slapped his leg with his hand and almost rolled on the floor in the mirror. “If you’re such an idiot you’ve got to get through an earthworm or a rope, Ah doesn’t matter how much Ah impales you.”

“You have nothing to do with that. Gawd knew it was a sin. One day Ah’m goin’ tuh will die for your stupidity. ‘Nothing else where you widowed the rig? Ah, feed the horse. He doesn’t expect you to be a man who doesn’t need a flogging. “

“Du Sho is an evil wife of Aggravatin!” he announced and entered the room. She continued her work and did not answer him immediately. “Ah did it again and again for you to keep the whites out in the open.”

He picked up his whip and glared at her. Delia continued her work. She went out into the yard and came back with a galvanized tub and set it on the linen table. She saw that Sykes had gathered all his clothes and was now standing in her way, his whole attitude hoping for a fight, praying. But she calmly walked around him and began to rearrange everything.

“Next time I’ll kick you outside,” he threatened as he struggled through his velvet shorts.

Delia never looked up from her work, and her thin, hunched shoulders sagged even more.
“Ah, make no fuss, Sykes. Ah just coming from communion at church. ”

He snorted derisively. “Yes, you only got out of church on Sunday night, but unfortunately you left to put them on. You are nothing but a hypocrite. One of them is the Christians in the corner, amen—sing, shout, and then go home and wash whites on the Sabbath.”

He roughly stepped on the whitest pile and kicked her as he crossed the room. His wife let out a startled cry and quickly gathered them up.

“Sykes, you make dirt on these clothes! How can Ah get through Saturday if Ah doesn’t start on Sunday? ”

“Ah, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before. Anyway, Ah had promised Gawd and a few other men not to go looking for Ah in the house. Don’t be shy either, or Ah will kick her out and put a fist over your head to warm up. “

Delia’s usual gentleness seemed to slip from her shoulders like a shawl. She stood on her own two feet; her poor little body, her boneless hands bravely defied the bondage in front of her.

“Listen, Sykes, you’ve gone too far. Ah has been married to her furry boyfriend for fifteen years, and Ah has been “in love” for fifteen years. Sweat, sweat, sweat! Work and sweat, cry and sweat, pray and sweat! ”

“What does that have to do with me?” he asked roughly.

“What’s that got to do with you, Sykes? A soft drink container fills your stomach with water bottles many times more than filling it with your hands. Mah sweat is paid for this house and ah thinks ah relatives keep working in it. “

She grabbed the iron pan on the stove and took a defensive stance that surprised him greatly, coming from her. It upsets him and he doesn’t attack her like he usually does.

“No, I won’t,” she gasped, “the corrupt black woman I met” with a wound covered in sweat and blood. You didn’t pay for the apartment and Ah’m gointer stayed until Ah’m left first. ”

“Well, you better drop that Gittin I was telling you about or they’ll get you sooner than you expect. Ah I’m so tired of you Ah don’t know what to do. Cool! Ah, hate how skinny Wimmen are! “

Slightly taken aback by this new Delia, he ran out the door and slammed the back door behind him. He didn’t say where he was going, but she knew it too well. She knew very well that he would not return until daybreak. When the work was done, she went to bed, but didn’t fall asleep right away. Everything went well!

She lay awake looking at the scattered marks of their marriage. Not a single picture stayed on the way. Something like flowers had long since drowned in the salty water squeezed from her heart. Her tears, her sweat, her blood. She had brought love together and he had brought lust for flesh. Two months after their marriage, he dealt her the first brutal blow. She remembers numerous trips to Orlando with all his paychecks when he returned them penniless before the first year was up. She was young and soft then, but now she thought of her muscular, muscular legs and rough hands and how she was huddled in an unfortunate little ball in the middle of the big feather bed. It’s too late to hope for love now, even if it’s not Bertha, it will be someone else. This case differs from the others only in that it is bolder than the others. It’s too late for anything but her little house. She built it for her old age and planted every tree and flower there. It’s nice for her, it’s nice.

Somehow, before sleep came, she had to say aloud, “Oh, everything that crosses the devil’s back has to go under his belly. At one time or another, Sykes the hunter, like everyone else, was the gointer reaping his seed. ” She was then able to set up a psychic earthquake against her husband. His grenades could no longer reach her. Amen. She fell asleep and slept until he announced his presence. on the bed by kicking her leg and roughly pulling the covers off.

“Give me some kivah, haha, a fuck ‘git yo’, go to your side! Ah, I should mash you in your mouf, put the pan on me.”

Delia went straight to the platform without answering him. A triumphant indifference to whatever he has or has done.


Delia week was as busy as any other week and on Saturday she found her sitting behind her pony packing and delivering clothes.

It was a hot, sunny day in late July. The villagers on Joe Clarke’s porch even casually nibbled on sugarcane. They didn’t throw their sticks as usual. They made her drool over the edge of the porch. Even conversation had broken down under the heat.

“Oh dear, Delia Jones,” said Jim Merchant as the fluffy pony rounded the bend in the road toward them. The rusty trash can was filled with baskets of clean laundry.

“That’s right,” agreed Joe Lindsay. “Hot or cold, rain or shine, jes ez reg’lar ez de week roll roun ‘Delia brings ’em on’ on Saturday.”

Moss said: “She would be better off if she wanted to eat. “Syke Jones isn’t going to shoot and powder, he’s going to kill her. Not huh, it’s not him. ”

“He’s telling the truth,” Walter Thomas continued. “It also sucks because she knew the right trick when he got it. Ahd uh mah’ied huh mahseff if he hit me. “

Delia nodded slightly to the passing men.

“Too much tapping will ruin any ‘Oman’. Elijah Moseley said, “Even though he killed three women, ‘loneliness is supposed to change their looks.’ “How did syke kin stommuck get the black mogul it fits in his tummy fucks me up. Ah swear 8-rock can’t kiss sardines.

“Oh, she’s so fat, what’s the matter. He was called a crazy fat woman,” the merchant reported. “When he came to sit his wife – did she bring a basket of uh pecans to his garden as a gift? yes sir she will take him straight home because delia works so hard it is very hard when she thinks about everything that is happening on shell road.

“Oh, I know he can. Ah see “silence of laughter” with every “Oman-dat passport”, says Walter Thomas. “Even so, he still ate some of that mighty, mighty, uh, humble pie he was given. You wuz ez pritty ez a dalmatian! Dat wuz fifteen yes ago. If he thinks he’s that kinky, she can get him to do some of her husbandly duties. They never think of the same thing. “

“There must be a law about him,” Lindsay said. “He’s not fit for a bear.”

The first time Clarke spoke. “There is no law in the world that makes a person kind when that happens. There are many men who marry Lak Dey and work as sugar merchants. It’s round, juicy when it counts. But they squeeze a grind, squeeze a grind a squeeze, for they squeeze every drop of joy achieved in it. When dey’s contented piece of land was dry pressed, they processed em jes lak dey into a piece of sugar cane. Dey threw them away. Dey learns that “dey is doin” while she’s at it, they “hate themselves for it, but they keep hanging around” after saying she’s empty. Den dey hate huh fuh its ‘chew a cane on’ in de. ”

“We should have put Syke in the Lake Howell swamps as a ‘lost’ person, ‘to lie on a cowhide until they say Lawd is a ‘woman.’ He’s allus wuz uh ovahbearin’ niggah, but because of the white ‘Oman up north, ready cooked’ how do I drive a car, he was too hard to live – a ‘we should kill me,'” the old man advised Anderson

A voice of approval echoed through the porch. But the heat melted her civic virtue, and Elijah Moseley began baiting Joe Clarke.

“Now, Joe, give your customer a pre-sliced ​​melon. We all suffer. The bear is done with me! ”

“That’s right, Joe, a watermelon is right. Ah need a Cure de Eppizudicks,” Walter Thomas teamed with Moseley. “Come on, Joe. We are all stable customers that you have long designated for us. Ah choose favorite Florida long, leggy. ”

“One god, one ‘shaped. Y’all give twenty cents and cut it to your liking,’” Clarke replied. You borrow a butcher knife.”

The registration amount is fast and brings home the big melon. At that moment Sykes and Bertha arrived. A determined silence fell on the porch and the bowler hat was put away again.

Merchant took down the scissor blade and went to the store.

“Come in Joe, a ‘give me a slab uh’ coffee in the stomach with ‘uh pound uh – almost fuhgot’ on Saturday. Just gotta go home. “Most of the men left too.

Just then, Delia was driving by on her way home as Sykes placed a wonderful order for Bertha. It made me happy to show Delia.

“Enjoy whatever your heart desires, honey. wait a minute For two bottles of er strawberry soda, er quarts of er dried peas, ‘a block of er gum’. “

With all that said, they leave the store, with Sykes reminding Bertha that this is his town and that she can have it if she wants.

The men returned as soon as they left and had their watermelon party.

“Anyway, where did Syke Jones git da’oman come from? ‘ Lindsey asked.

“Owa Apopka. Guess dey Musta was clearly “out of town when she left”. She looked nothing but shaggy hair on it. “

“Well, she complained,” added Dave Carter. “When she is ready to laf, she opens huh mouf and encloses it in the tuh de las moat. No grandpa gators in Bell Lake, no problem. “


Bertha has been in town for three months now. Sykes is still paying the rent for her room at Della Lewis – the only house in town that will take her. Sykes regularly takes her to Winter Park to “stay in place”. He still assured her that he was the most pompous man in the state.

“Sho’ you kin have dat lil ‘ole house soon’s Ah kin git dat’ oman outa dere. It’s all mine, a ‘You Sho’ relative has it. Ah sho’ ‘bomines uh skinny ‘oman. Lawdy, you were in good shape! you can get what you want Dis is my city and you shall have it.

Knees, worn out by Delia’s labors, had crawled across the ground in Gethsemane and up the rocks of Calvary many times during those months. She avoids villagers and hangouts in her attempt to be both blind and deaf. But Bertha neutralized this to an extent by going to Delia’s house to call Sykes out with her at the gate.

Delia and Sykes had been fighting without peace all along. They sleep and eat in silence. Two or three times Delia tried to be friends with a shy look, but each time she was rebuffed. Obviously the break must be intact.

The sun burned from July to August. The heat flies down like millions of hot arrows, killing every living thing on earth. The grass withered, the leaves withered, the centipedes flew through the air, people and dogs went haywire. dog day!

One day Delia comes home to find Sykes there in front of her. She wondered, but went into the house without a word, even though he was standing at the kitchen door and she had to bend under his arm or ask him to move. He has no place for her. She noticed a soapbox next to the step but didn’t pay it any special attention, knowing he must have put her there. As she bent to pass under his outstretched arm, he suddenly pushed her back, laughing.

“Look at dere Delia’s box, ah done!”

She almost stumbled when she tripped over the box and when she saw what it contained she passed out completely.

“Hey! Syke, mah Gawd! You’re making the rattlesnake her way! You have to. Oh my god, so much fun! ”

“Ah aint gut tuh do nuthin’ uh de kin’ – in fact Ah aint got tuh do nothin” who died. Taint no use, uh, you put ‘on air, turn off’, you twist, uh, that snake – he went to the right place and told him to die. He won’t bite me because Ah knows how to handle it. Either way, he won’t risk ripping his meager gin-yo fangs off. ”

“No, now Syke, don’t let that ’round’ thing kill me. You know, I’m even scared of earthworms. This is the biggest snake Ah evah has seen. Please kill him Syke.”

“Ask me to do nothing, fuh yuh. Goin’ roun’ try ‘tuh is dangerous. No, Ah can’t kill it. Ah think, uh, damn scene, mo ‘uh, him and you! That’s a nice snake and a ‘jeder doan lak’ im kin jes ‘hit de grit.”

The village soon heard Sykes had a snake and went to check and inquire.

“Like the chicken fire did you make the six-legged rattlesnake, Syke?” asked Thomas.

“He’s all frogs, so he can’t move. Ah, calm down. But Ah is a snake charmer and knows how to deal with them. Shux, this is nothing. Ah can eat tomatoes a day before if Ah really wants to eat. “

“What he needs is a heavy hick’ry mace to his head. Dat’s de bes ‘way tuh seduces a rattlesnake.”

“No, Walt, you won’t understand the dese diamon’s objections.” Well done,” Sykes said, his voice higher.

The village agrees with Walter, but the snake stays. His box was still with the curtain cord next to the kitchen door. Two or three days later he had digested the frog food and literally came back to life. It rattles with every movement in the kitchen or in the garden. One day, as Delia was walking down the kitchen steps, she saw his chalk-white fangs curled up like pins hanging from braided wire. This time she didn’t run off with her usual evasive look. For a long time she stood in the doorway in a crimson rage, growing bloodier with every second she regarded the creature as her torment.

That evening she thought about the subject as soon as Sykes sat down at the table.

“Syke, Ah wants you to catch snakes. You starved me to the end, an ‘Ah, a widow, you beat me up, an ah, that took dat, but you killed all the mah guts that brought ‘dat varmint ha.

Sykes poured a saucer full of coffee and drank it purposefully before answering her.

“Much Ah keer” about how you feel inside and out. Dat Snake won’t go, no fuckin’ wheah, ’til Ah gits done, fuh I can go. So in terms of feathers like beating, you can get most of the information you take with you by staying “around me”. ”

Delia pushed her plate back and got up from the table. “Ah, I hate you, Sykes,” she said quietly. “Ah hates you just like Ah User loves you. Ah done, it took a while for my stomach to fill Tuh Mah’s throat. Dat’s de reason Ah got mah letter fum de Church an ‘chuyen mah gia Dinh tuh Woodbridge – so Ah don’t haf tuh don’t take no sacrament with yuh. Ah, I don’t want you to see you circling me. Lay ‘roun’ wid dat ‘oman all you want but gwan’ way fum me a ‘mah house. Ah hate yuh lak uh dog sucking eggs. ”

Sykes nearly dropped the giant cornbread and broccoli he was chewing from his mouth in shock. It was difficult for him to get into the right rage to try to answer Delia.

“Well, Ah, I’m glad you don’t hate me. Ah’m sho ‘tiahed uh you hangin’ ontuh me. Oh, I don’t want to. Take a look at your old neck! Your raw bone is enough to beat the man to death. You look like jes ‘lak de devvul’s baby doll to me. You don’t hate me anymore, Dan Ah hates you. Ah, you have been happy for many years. “

“You, old black fur, don’t look like nothing to me, but uh, passle, uh, crumpled rubber, with your big, old, yeah, flapping wing on each side, lak, uh, paih, uh, buzzard wing. Don’t think I’m going to fucking run around the house. Ah, I’ll fight the whites about you, my young man, next time you lay your hands on me. Mah Cup is done with Ovah. ‘ Delia said this without any sign of fear, and Sykes left the house, threatening her, but making not the slightest move to obtain any of it.

He never returned that evening, and the next day was a Sunday. Delia was glad she didn’t have to argue before taking her pony and driving the four miles to Woodbridge.

She stayed with the night service – the “love party” – which was very heartfelt and full of spirit. In the emotional winds, her domestic challenges were so far and wide that she sang as she drove home.

“Jurden Water, Black and Cold”

Chills for the body, not for the soul

An ‘Ah Wantah happens to Jurden in quiet times. “

She walked from the barn to the kitchen door and stopped.

“Whut’s de mattah, ol’ satan, you are not kickin’ up yo’ racket? “She spoke of the snake box. Completely silent. She entered the house with renewed hope in his childbirth struggle. Maybe her threats against whites scared Sykes! Maybe he was sorry! Fifteen years of suffering and oppression have brought Delia to a place where she can hope that all things can come down to conquering or overcoming her wall of inhibitions.

She felt the match safely behind the kitchen at a time for a match. There’s only one.

“Dat niggah ain’t gonna save his lazy neck, but he’s running fast enough after what Ah has to offer.” Now he has finished the night on tuh haff uh box uh match. He also worked from home, mah. ”

No one but a woman can say how she knew that before she even started playing the game. But she did, and it angered her anew.

She’s brought in tubs now to soak the white stuff in. This time she decided not to carry the obstacle out of the bedroom; She’ll go in there and do the sorting. She picked up the flashlight to enter the small room where the person was struggling to get up at the foot of the white iron bed. She can sit and reach over the bedpost and rest while she works.

“Ah Wantah overtakes Jurden in quiet times,” she sings again. The “Love Party” vibe is back. Almost gleefully, she slammed back the lid of the basket. Then she turned to the door, startled and scared at the same time. Then put the snake in the basket! He moved slowly at first, but even as she spun around, bouncing up and down in insane terror, he began to move violently. She watched him dump his terrible beauty out of the basket onto the bed, then grabbed the lamp and ran to the kitchen as fast as she could. The wind from the open door blew out the light and darkness, frightening them even more. She sped off into the darkness of the yard and slammed the door before turning off the light. She didn’t even feel safe on the ground, so she climbed into the hay barn.

There she lay stretched out in the hay for more than an hour, a passing wreck.

Finally she fell silent and then thought coherently. A cold, bloody anger seized her. this hour. A time of introspection, a time of reflection, then a mixture of both. From this a terrible calm.

“Ah, Ah done de bes’ Ah maybe. When things don’t go right, Gawd knows the obvious mistake. “

She falls asleep – a light sleep – and wakes under a hazy gray sky. A loud hollow noise was heard below. She looked outside. Sykes is at the woodpile and destroys a wire-wrapped box.

He rushed to the kitchen door but stood outside for a few minutes before entering and stood inside for a few more minutes before closing the door.

Gray spreads across the sky. Fearless now, Delia went down and crouched under the low bedroom window. The closed shadow has extinguished the twilight, closed in the night. But the thin walls prevented the sound from coming out.

“The old scratch is awake! ‘ She mused on the great vortex within, which all the denizens of the forest knew was made up of acoustic illusions. Rattlesnake is a ventriloquist. His whistle was right, left, straight, behind, beside his feet – everywhere except where it was. Woe to the wrong guesser unless he’s ready to end his argument! Sometimes he would attack without making a sound.

Inside, Sykes heard nothing until he knocked the lid off the stove while trying to get a match in the dark. He emptied his bag at Bertha’s.

The snake seemed to have woken up in the kitchen and Sykes rushed into the bedroom. Despite the gin he had, his head was still clear.

“” Mah Gawd! « he babbled on, »ef ah can on’y strack uh light!«

The creaking stopped for a moment as he stood there, stunned. He waited. Looks like the snake is waiting too.

“Oh my God! Ah, he’s ill,” Sykes muttered to himself as the hum began again, closer, this time right under his feet. Long before this happened, Sykes’s ability to think lost his primal instinct and he sprang from the Bed.

Outside, Delia heard a scream that might have come from a mad chimpanzee, a sick gorilla. All the horror, all the terror, all the anger that the human can express without a single human sound being discernible.

Inside was a terrible noise, a series of other animal cries, the intermittent humming of reptiles. The window blind ripped down, letting the dawn glow red, a large brown hand grasped the window grille and blew hard on the wooden floor, causing the howling of gibbons long after the snake’s clatter had suddenly quieted. Everything Delia could see and hear from her position under the window made her nauseous. She crawled to the four-piece top and stretched out on the cool floor to recover.

She lay there. “Delia. Delia! ‘ She could hear Sykes calling in a desperate voice, as if she hadn’t expected an answer. The sun came out and he called. Delia couldn’t move—her legs were limp. She didn’t move, he called, and the sun continued to rise.

“Mah Gawd!” She heard him moan, “Mah Gawd fum Heben!” She heard him stagger and got up from her flower bed. The sun is slowly warming up. As she neared the door, she heard him call out hopefully, “Delia, are you Ah ha ha?”

She saw him on his knees as soon as she reached the door. He crawled an inch or two toward her – as best he could, and she saw his horribly swollen neck and one of his open eyes that lit up with hope. A wave of pity was too strong to take away from her eyes, but she had to, couldn’t, couldn’t see the tubs. He will see the light. Orlando has gone too far with his doctors. It was almost impossible for her to reach the strawberry tree, where she waited in the increasing heat, while inside she knew the cold river was creeping up and down to block that look she had only now known.

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Video tutorials about sweat by zora neale hurston


keywords: #chiasẻ, #điệnthoạicómáyảnh, #điệnthoạiquayvideo, #miễnphí, #tảilên

I created this video for my students because I required them to read this short story for class. I normally read it aloud in class because they struggle with the dialect, but I ended up with the flu. Since my usual plans were foiled, I recorded this video for them. Due to the fact that I recorded it while I was sick, you will hear the occasional cough and throat clearing. No, I have no plans to redo it because I still prefer to read it aloud with my students so we can discuss it as we go. I hope this video helps you enjoy this wonderful story!

keywords: #BooksDiscussions, #BookAnalysis, #BookSummary, #Literature, #BookTube, #ZoraNealeHurston, #Sweat, #HarlemRenaissanceWriters

Welcome to the CodeX Cantina where our mission is to get more people talking about books! Let’s look at “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston today. We looked at oppression in marriages, religion, and racial divides today. This was some incredible dialect writing and we are looking forward to reading more from her! We wanted to select this piece after recently having read “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman so stick around for the final few moments to hear a quick comparison of themes at the end.

Zora Neal Hurston Playlist:\u0026list=PLHg_kbfrA7YBoK2V_iUrDZbr-d8WSF6zp

Buy Zora’s Stories:


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Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction

0:40 Publication Info

2:25 Plot Summary

3:03 Analysis

18:18 Wrap-up and Ratings

19:27 BONUS: Comparison with “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Read for Free:


For the video on “The Yellow Wallpaper,” see:





You can reach us on Social Media:



====Copyright Info====

Song: Infinite

Artist: Valence

Licensed to YouTube by: AEI (on behalf of NCS); Featherstone Music (publishing), and 1 Music Rights Societies

Free Download/Stream:


keywords: #chiasẻ, #điệnthoạicómáyảnh, #điệnthoạiquayvideo, #miễnphí, #tảilên

Links to this story and the nex

“Sweat” by Zora Neal Ht:urston


“Read-Headed Baby” by Langston Hughes:



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