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Ringo’s Cymbals | Gary Astridge Historian

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  • Summary: Articles about Ringo’s Cymbals | Gary Astridge Historian This desirable information is still being compiled. I can tell you that Ringo used Ajax, Zyn, Super Zyn, Zildjian & Paiste. Stay tuned …

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Ready, Set, Ringo: The Unique Sound of Ringo Starr

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  • Summary: Articles about Ready, Set, Ringo: The Unique Sound of Ringo Starr In 1964, Ringo bought a Ludwig Oyster Black “Super Classic” set. This was the set he would use for the bulk of his Beatles career. It included a …

  • Match the search results: Ringo’s drum sound was a collaboration between Ringo and master producer George Martin. It began with Ringo’s unorthodox approach to drum tuning. Up to that time, many of the early rock ‘n’ roll drummers were still aiming for the same tones produced by jazz, swing and bebop p…

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What cymbals did ringo use? – Movie Cultists

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  • Summary: Articles about What cymbals did ringo use? – Movie Cultists What cymbals did ringo use? · Zildjian 22″ swish knocker. · 20″ FX Oriental Crash of Doom. · 18″ A Avedis Crash/Ride. · 18″ FX Oriental China “Trash” · 18″ A high …

  • Match the search results: An iconic drum kit, used by Ringo Starr, has gone on display at The Beatles Story, Liverpool. The specially designed Ludwig gold sparkle drum kit, which recently sold for $64,000 at auction, was used by Ringo during the ‘Concert for George’ in November 2002.

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Ringo´s cymbal sound | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

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  • Summary: Articles about Ringo´s cymbal sound | Steve Hoffman Music Forums Ringo said at one point that his still-preferred cymbals were heavy old Zildjian As that he’s hung onto since the days of the Beatles. On the …

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    Discussion in ‘Music Corner’ started by Sheik Yerbouti, Apr 22, 2007.

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She helps Ringo Starr find the perfect cymbal – British Band …

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  • Summary: Articles about She helps Ringo Starr find the perfect cymbal – British Band … “Lunch breaks here are fun — sometimes employees get together and have a little drum jam. And if you’re wondering what cymbals Ringo Starr chose …

  • Match the search results: “Lunch breaks here are fun — sometimes employees get together and have a little drum jam. And if you’re wondering what cymbals Ringo Starr chose, it included a set of Avedis cymbals. They have a vintage sound and are like the original cymbals he played back in the Beatles days.”

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What kit did Ringo Starr use? – AnswersToAll

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  • Summary: Articles about What kit did Ringo Starr use? – AnswersToAll Ringo Starr has been using Remo drumheads ever since that first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. What happened to the Beatles drum kit? The …

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Ringo Starr | Equipboard

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  • Summary: Articles about Ringo Starr | Equipboard Zildjian 14″ K Mastermind Hi Hats · Cymbals. Starr’s artist page on the official Zildjian page states that he uses 14″ K Mastermind Hi Hats. more. Unverified, …

  • Match the search results: The 5AL was designed by Ringo Starr. Ringo brought drums to the forefront of rock and pop drumming. It features a classic 5A diameter, a quick taper and an oval bead for a dark, warm tone suited for a variety of applications. Because of its resilience, responsiveness and durability, hickory is t…

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  • Summary: Articles about In Search Of The Real Ringo Kit – DRUM! Magazine Ringo is photographed with sets using both. How about Ludwig model 1400 or Premier cymbal stands? Ludwig Atlas or flat-base snare stands? WFL or Ludwig Pedals …

  • Match the search results: What we do know comes from published accounts, photos, and films of Ringo in the pre-Beatles days playing on British Ajax and Premier kits. Several pictures exist of Ringo during his Beatles years playing on a small set of White Marine Pearl Ludwigs as well as the Black Oysters, and much later, on a…

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What Cymbals Did Ringo Use? –

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  • Summary: Articles about What Cymbals Did Ringo Use? – Furthermore, what kind of drumsticks did Ringo use? Zildjian Artist Series Drumsticks – Ringo Starr Signature Hickory Drumsticks with Wood Tips, 16″ Length, …

  • Match the search results: The song also featured a most curious thing, a Ringo Starr drum solo: “Ringo would never do drum solos,” Paul McCartney once said.

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Multi-read content what kind of cymbals did ringo use

Sir Richard Starkey, known professionally asRingo Starr,thatfamous left-handed drummerbecause thatThe Beatles Band.

Ringo used:

  • 2 accident pools not included
  • Zildjian 18K Custom Dark Crash
  • Zildjian 16K Constantinople Crash
  • Zildjian 14K Mastermind Hi Hats

He has used various cymbal brands such as Arbiter, Paiste and Zildjian for his drum setup at various points in his career.

He isone of the greatest drummers of all timeto grace the stagewon many awardsand thenTwice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.With his band members in 1988. and also as a solo artist in 2015.

One very unique thing about his setup is that he doesn’t use ride cymbals, which is very rare.

What else can be said about Ringo Starr. With an illustrious career stretching from his early days with the Beatles to his significant solo career, Ringo has risen to the top of the drummer list.

If you are a drummer or someone interested in drum sets especially cymbals you want to enjoy.

We’ve taken the time to research and below give you a look at the cymbal setups of more than a dozen top rock and metal drummers.Interesting!

What cymbals did John Bonham use?

John Henry Bonhamis an English musician and drummer of the rock bandLed Zeppelin,

Although hedied in 1980 at the age of 32, he has had an illustrious career and isConsidered Rolling Stone’s greatest drummer of all time.

John Bonham has a unique playing style that takes advantageBasin Paisteduring his active time.

  • John Bonham used
  • :
  • Ride Paiste 24 2002
  • Paiste 16″ or 18 2002 Crash series left
  • Paiste 18 2002 medium series goes right
  • Paiste 15 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats. Series
  • Add an occasional Crash 18 to his left
  • 20″ or 22 crash/ride right (also the 2002 Paiste series)

John Bonhamis an accomplished drummer who emphasizes the hands’ action style with a surprising amount of thunder.

He’s a true example of someone who lets you feel the rhythm. There are many technically perfect players who just can’t offer the same experience as Bonham.

What type of cymbal does Mick Fleetwood use?

Michael John Kells Fleetwood, namedMick Fleetwood, is the drummer and co-founder of the rock bandFleetwood Mac.

Mick likes to use a lot of cymbals on his set,

Mick Fleetwood is often used:

  • Includes Zildjian cymbal
  • 19 inch custom breakdown
  • Custom session issue 18 CZK
  • 17 inch custom breakdown
  • 20″ A custom six stud sizzle ride
  • 20 inch a custom EFX incident
  • 22 inch K Custom Medium Car
  • Average ride 22 inches K Constantinople
  • 40 inch traditional gong and
  • 15 inch light Hi-Cone

One of my favorite drummers, perhaps due to the wild man’s big personality and stage antics, he’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

Only ordinary radio listeners understandDrummer played many radio-friendly hitslike Gypsy, Rhiannon, Golden Dust Lady and many others,

Most don’t equate itThe serious rock drummer is bigger than life.

Many radio-friendly tunes have found their way onto light and easy-to-listen stations over the years, contributing significantly to the band’s success.

But anyone who has ever seen them live in concert or followed them as a fan knows that only too wellFleetwood Mac is a serious rock band.

Mick Fleetwoodis a great drummer who can keep up with the gamesTommy Lee from Motley Crue, but still know the code of the melody and timbre andAlways play with the right pressure for the song at hand.

What cymbals did Keith Moon use?

            Keith John Moonis an English drummer for the rock band”WHO”he waswas inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1982,became one of only two rock drummers selected for such an honor.

Keith Moon He has used a combination of Zildjian and Paiste cymbals throughout his career. His cymbal set includes

  • Paiste 20 2002 ride
  • Zildjian Avedis 20 ride
  • Paiste 16″ 2002 crash
  • Paiste 18″ 2002 crash
  • Zildjian 14″ A fast beat hi-hat.

A member of one of rock’s most well-known bands, Keith is also a fierce drummer who knows how to wow crowds with epic drum solos and catchy rhythms.

In a way he always struck me as a cross between John Bonham and Neil Peart. Not a bad combination in my book.

What cymbals did Neil Peart use?

            Neil Ellwood Peart, namedNeil Peart,is the drummer for the rock band Rush.

Neal was toowas inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1983at the age of 30 what himyoungest honored person.

Neil Peart,played Zildjian A Series cymbals and Wuhan China cymbals until the 2000s when he started using Sabian’s Paragon mode.

Neil Peart’s setup includes Sabian cymbals:

  • 14 Paragon Hi Nats
  • 10 inch Paragon Splash,
  • Incident 18 Paragon
  • 20 Paragon crash
  • Accident 16 Paragon
  • 20 inch Paragon Diamondback China
  • 22 Paragon Ride – Limited Edition Stream Punk

Zildjian cymbals:

  • 22″ A Ping Pide,
  • 8 inch Avedis Splash
  • 13″ A new Beats hi-hat.

As we like to mention him here,”Professor Peart“Really a very knowledgeable drummerfluent in music theory.

Neil Peart is a great example of someone who did thattechnically perfect in many respects, but played with a lot of feelingthat can manipulate the listener’s emotions.

I was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times before he died and it always issome form of virtuosity behind the kitto see him in action.

There may be bands that have lost a member and can carry on with a suitable replacement. As for Band Rush, I don’t think that’s going to happenNeil is really one of those guys who not only plays great but also writes a lot of the band’s songs.

What cymbals does Charlie Watts use?

            Charles Robert Watts, known asCharlie WattsHe’s the drummer in a rock band?Rolling Stone.

Charlie Watts is ranked number 12 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time.

Charlie wts used a lot of cymbals on his set. He used Zildjian cymbals as:

  • Zildjian 22 typewriter
  • 20 inch FX Oriental Crash of Doom
  • 18 Avedis fall/ride
  • 18 FX Oriental China “Trash Can”
  • 18 “A Great China
  • 16 “A thin incident
  • Zildjian 14 “A New Beat Hi-Hat.

One of the things I love most about Charlie Watts has always beenPresentation and style behind the document.

A bit moreis well dressed and shows a high level of composuresometimes you could almost mistake him for the manager of the band, but don’t let that fool you.

He is definitely a driving force that is considered the driving force behind the kitSave time for one of rock’s most iconic bands in decades.

What cymbals does Dave Grohl use?

            David Eric Grohl, popularly calledDave Grohlis an American drummer and the longest-serving drummer in a rock bandnirvana.

He is also the founder of the rock bandfoo fighter.

His cymbals are mainly composed of Zildjian cymbals such as:

  • Zildjian 20 yen
  • Problems with custom EFX
  • 20A Custom Crash, 19K Custom China
  • 19 inch K Custom Hybrid China
  • 20 A custom rezo crash
  • 24″ An average ride
  • 24 inch ZHT Ride
  • 18 A medium fall
  • Zildjian 15K Hi Hats
  • .

Dave Grohl has had a unique career as one of the few people who can come from oneThe band was very successful as a drummer and later went on to have a hugely successful career with his own band.. Similar to Ringo Starr in many ways.

Multi-talented, who plays guitar and sings at the same time, is definitely a great drummer whowas one of the pioneer musicians who paved the way for heavy metal to become grunge music.

What cymbals does Chad Smith use?

            Chad Gaylord Smithwas an American drummer for the rock bandRed hot chiliand thenwas inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his band members in 2012,

He is known for his spooky tones and funky drumming style.

The Chad Smiths cymbal set contains only Sabian cymbals. His cymbal setup includes:

  • Sabian’s 19 AA crash
  • Sabian 20AA Custom Rock Crash
  • Sabian 21 Rock Ride
  • Sabian 19 AA Chinese (signed by Chad Smith)
  • Sabian 10 AAX Splash
  • Sabian 14″ X Celerator Hi-Nats.

Chili Chili has been around for decades and hasvery respectedby members of the alternative music community as well as across any other genre of music.

Chad was once one of thelongtime key memberthis unique band.

He was lucky to haveFellow bassist Fleabeen with him for many years and at the time of this post will be looking for many more in the future.

Which cymbals are easyoesUse of Phil Collins?

            Philip David Charles Collinspopularly known asPhilCollinsis an English drummer for the rock bandGenesis has also had an impressive solo career.,

He is known for his quirky signature play.

He used a variety of cymbals throughout his playing career, he used Paiste early in his career then switched to Zildjian before later finally switching to Sabian cymbals.

  • He used cymbals as
  • Sabian 21 inch HH Dry Bell Ride
  • Sabian 14 AA Normal Hi-Nats
  • Cymbals like Zildjian Avedis
  • 22 Chinese Pizza
  • 22 inch high performance vehicle
  • Prolapse 18″, 16″ and 14″
  • New 14 inch beat hi hats.

With so many hits, whether with Genesis or as Phil Collins in his solo career, he hascan play impressive drum lines and sing at the same timewith a lot of feeling.

What cymbals does Ian Paice use?

            Ian Anderson Paceis an English drummer for the British rock banddark purple.

Ian Paceused the Paiste cymbal for most of his game, consisting primarily of a ride, two collisions, a piece of crockery and a small shard.

Ian Paice used:

  • Paiste 22 2002 crash
  • Paiste 22 2002 ride
  • Paiste 24 2002 crash
  • Paiste 8″ 2002 Splash
  • Paiste 22 2002 China
  • Paiste 15″ 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats.

Ian seems to have oneperfect drumsemphasized in his drum solos. His versatile playing style shines immediately and he is culturedgreat loyal followersover the years.

Ginger Baker What cymbals are used?

            Peter Edward “Ginger” Bakeris an English drummer andCo-founder of the rock band Cream.

He has a unique playstyle that combinesa combination of jazz and African rhythms.

Ginger Baker started with the Zildjian cymbals and used the same cymbals he played for Cream in 1968.

  • Ginger Baker is commonly used
  • Cymbals ride rivets Zildjian 22″
  • 14 Hi Nats
  • Dark accident 16 CZK
  • 8 inch A splash
  • 8″ and 10″ A Flash Splash
  • 12 inch K Custom Dark Splash
  • 18 A low China
  • 18 A medium fall
  • Zildjian 13″ A Master Sound Hi Hats.

It’s always fun listening to Ginger. Ginger always seems to be behind the toolbox, but not in a way that’s overbearing with the music, rather than always adding something.

Which cymbals does Lars Ulrich use?

            Lars Ulrichis a Danish drummer and co-founder of the rock bandMetallica.

Ulrichfamous forFast double bass beat and heavy drums.

I remember when I first heard about Metallica’s puppeteer, the fast and aggressive drummer, he was definitely one of the pioneers of heavy metal.

Lars Ulrich is very fond of playing cymbals and has used Zildjian cymbals with Sabian High Hat.

Lars Ulrich uses:

  • Zildjian 20″ FX Oriental China Trash
  • Z Custom 14 Dyno Beat Hi Hats
  • 18 A custom projection incident
  • Problem with custom 19 inch projector
  • 18 Oriental China Basin
  • A
  • Brilliant 17, 18
  • Z Custom 12 Splash
  • 20 China splash
  • K 17″, 18″
  • Sabian HH 15″ Rock Hi-Nats.

I’ve heard people in the metal bash lars community claim other people are faster or one way or another but to me it’s just Lars rose to such a high level that he received microscopic criticism for being so revered as a metal drummer..

Personally, I always have the feeling that he hasa beautiful combination of qualities from many of the great drummers in rock history. He’s aggressive and flamboyant in his approach, but never really too picky to be reminiscent of a John Bonham in that way.

But in everything Lars is Lars and he is aHeavy metal rock icon in his own right!

What cymbals does Stewart Copeland use?

            Stewart Armstrong Copelandwas an American drummer for the rock bandpolice.

He is known for using a traditional grip rather than a real grip. For most of his career he used the following Paiste cymbals:

  • Paiste 22 Stewart Copeland Signature Blue Bell Ride
  • Combo Signature Combo Hi Hats
  • Signature Quick Crash 18
  • 10″ Signature Splash
  • 18 signature full crash
  • Accident 16 2002
  • 18″ 2002 average
  • 18 inch Ride Crash / Ride
  • 16 inch ride
  • 22 2002 China
  • 8 2002 Splash
  • 2000 Splash 10 inch
  • Paiste 2002 10″ Splash.

Stewart Copeland was another guy who did quirky jazz-style book signings.

He’s always been aThe drummer is really classy and attractive to look at, sometimes reminds me of Neil Peart in many ways.

What cymbals does Alex Van Halen use?

Alexander Arthur van Halenis an American drummer andCo-founder of the rock band Van Halen.

Alex Van Halen has been a Paiste fan since 1983 and uses their line of cymbals including:

  • Paiste 15 2002. Audio Side Hi Hat
  • Paiste 22 2002 crash
  • Paiste 20 2002 China
  • Paiste 20 2002 crash
  • Paiste 24 2002 great ride
  • Paiste 20″ 2002 average
  • Paiste 19″ 2002 crash
  • Paiste 50 Symphonic Gong

Alex drums what his brother plays guitar. Alex isa really gifted drummer who seems to have it all.

speed, accuracy, tone,Not to mention he’s also a great drummer.

Watching a snippet of code on YouTube as I was writing it made me clickHigh quality musical talent passed down in her bloodlinebecause he and his brother Eddie are equally good in their chosen fields.

And it shows that despite the fact that they have this musical talent,You can clearly see the dedication and practice that went into refining and polishing their techniques and serving.

What type of cymbal does Carmine use?

            Carmine Appiceis an American drummer and percussionist.

He has been associated with many acts and haswas inducted into the Classic Drummer’s Hall of Fame and the Modern Drummer’s Hall of Fame in 2013 and 2014corresponding.

Carmine Appice used Istanbul Mehmet cymbals before switching to Sabian cymbals. His cymbal setup includes

  • Istanbul Mehmet 14 Sultan’s Hiltan Hat
  • Istanbul Mehmet 18 yen
  • Carmine Appice Realistic crash

Such a simple rock drummer, Carmine is definitely from the time it all started and it shows. brothers Vinny Appice, you can see how empty her genes are.

I’m lucky to see he plays alongVanilla Fudge at BB King’s in New Yorkand that surprised me how impressive he was.,

For me as good as the bandtotally steal the show. I particularly liked how he used a bit of audience participation to sing some tunes for his drum solo.

He will be on the mic andSing a tune, then point to the crowd while banging the drums to get them singing backThis gave his drum solo a musical form that he could exploit. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like this.

What cymbals does Vinny Appice use?

            Vincent SamsonAppiceis an American rock drummer who plays for bands likeHeaven and Hell, Black Sabbath and Dio.

He is of Italian descent andCarmine Appice’s younger brother.

Vinny Appice toouses the Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, like his brother.

Vinny Appice used

  • Istanbul Mehmet 14 Hi Hats Session
  • Mehmet 14 inch Sultan hi hats
  • Mehmet 17″ and 18″ session problems
  • Mehmet 20 Realistic Rock Crash
  • Mehmet 19 Radiant Crash
  • Mehmet 20 inch Radiant Rock Ride
  • Istanbul Mehmet 20″ Sultan Medium Ride
  • Istanbul Mehmet 18″ Traditional Chinese.

What Carmine is to classic rock, Vinny is to heavy metal.

It was years before I knew they were brothers as I didn’t discover Carmine until much later due to my hobby of playing drums.

This seems counterintuitiveCarmine was at the crime scene for the first timeof course, but I grew up in the early days of metal and got into it before I ventured into other genres of music.

Vinny is an absolute monster behind the seriesand although I can’t say that he resembles Carmine when it comes to steroids because Carmine is also a very strong drummer,Vinny and Carmine are similar, but there are definitely differenceswhich you can listen to if you know the playing styles of both.

Where carmine could be a little shinier

Vinny seems to play the role of the perfect little brother as the drummer is a bit more aggressive and rough around the edgesreally, really good at what he does.

For sureone of my favorite metal drummers.

What cymbals did Bill Ward use?

            William Thomas Wardwas an English drummer best known as the original drummer for the British heavy metal bandBlack Sabbath.

He used AA and handForged Sabian cymbals.

Bill Ward used

  • Sabian medium thin cymbal 18 AA
  • 22″ HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
  • 14 AAX Stage Hi Nats
  • 22 Hand Hammered Raw Bell Dry Ride
  • 14 Hand Hammered Medium Crash
  • 14″ Chinese hand hammered mini
  • 22 Hand-Hammered Power Ride
  • The average crash 21″ with a hammer
  • 14″ Hand Hammered Sizzle Hi-Nats.

As a member of one of the most respected bands, I’ve always appreciated the Bills’ no-nonsense, no-frills approach to drums.

He always keeps a good rhythm with precise crosses.

Probably one of the first drummers to get very heavy on cymbals, it’s interesting to see that he prefers a handcrafted piece to some assembly cast cymbals.

I think that’s partly due to his longstanding academic thinking.

What cymbals did Clive Burr use?

            Clive Burris an English drummer who plays forThe Iron Maiden from 1979 to 1982.

Clive Burr used Paiste cymbals including

  • Paiste’s Rude Touch 17″
  • 18 average 2002
  • 19 2002 average
  • 20″ 20002 medium
  • 21 and 16 rude crashes
  • 20 sound generation Dark Ride
  • 20 2002 Difficult journey
  • 14 Formula 602 Ex. Heavy Hi-Hats
  • color 20″

Many peopleDiscuss which Iron Maiden drummer is the best. People often talk about Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain.

Personally I thinkboth are greatbut they really werevery different in their approach.

Clive always seems to mehave a busier style. Always rattling on hi-hats or traps, almost like a fast disco beat, is hip.

Super fast hands and endless energy, he is still protected by many Maiden and metal fans as a drummer who wants to stay on stage with Maiden longer than he does.

He started doing various things after he was a child and had played with former guitarist Dennis Stratton and the band for a timeMantis.

Which cymbals does Nicko Mcbrain use?

            Michael Henry Nicko Mcbrain, namedNick McBrain, is a British heavyweight drummerIron Maiden bandwhich he later joinedClive Burr left the company in 1982.

Nicko Mcbrain has used Paiste cymbals for most of his career, including

  • Paiste 14 Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hi-Hat
  • Paiste 20 Signature Reflector Full Crash
  • Paiste 18 collision / rudimentary ride
  • Paiste 19 Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
  • Paiste Reflector Bell Ride Power Slave.

Nicko has been Maiden’s drummer since the early 80’s and has garnered a huge following of loyal fans who love both the band and the drummers.admire Nicko’s game.

For everyone who doesn’t know himJust listen to a song from the Peace of Mind albumIt’s called Eagles Dare Place, if the intro didn’t grab you right away in the first five seconds we’ll have to give you another instrument… lol

What cymbals does Rick Allen use?

            Richard John Cyril Allenis an English drummer who plays for rock bandsDef Leppardand is known to all as “the god of thunder”,

Rick Allen uses Zildjian cymbals, mainly Z Customs, A Customs and LP Cowbell.

However, he had previously used

Model Paiste 2002 and cymbals Make a sound

His cymbal set includes

  • Zildjian 10 EFX
  • Zildjian 20Z Custom Heavy Power Ride
  • Zildjian 20″ Chinese Low.

Rick was unluckylearn to play the drums againHe actually lost an arm a long time ago after a bad car accident.

It wasIt’s interesting to see how he kept the essence of his game after this incident. If you listen to some of the pre and post crash recordings you’ll hear the difference, but amazingly you still know exactly who’s playing the drums.

Def Leppard became one of the more commercially successful rock groups andRick Allen was a major contributor to their music.

What cymbals did Buddy Rich use?

            Bernhard Buddy RichIs aAmerican jazz drummer, and he isis considered one of the most influential drummers of all time;

he influenced drummers likeJohn Bonham, Tre ‘cool by Greenday and many others.

Buddy Rich used Zildjian cymbals like for his cymbal setup

  • Riding Zildjian Avedis 20″
  • Zildjian 8 Avedis sensational
  • Zildjian A Series 18 just collided
  • Zildjian 18 A fragile accident
  • Zildjian 6 A splash
  • Zildjian 22 A Zildjian swish knocker
  • Zildjian’s 14″ A New Beat Hi-Hats.

We must includebuddy richon this list because although we’ve focused on rock and metal, a lot of people have referred to Buddy as an influencer for great players and you can hear that.

YouTube an old video of him and you can tell exactly how many players you have enjoyedthis includes part of the Buddies technique.

We hope you enjoyed this list and found it informative.

We wish you every success in your musical endeavors!

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Brendan shares some insights on Ringo’s cymbals and recreating the cymbal sound on Please Please Me. Having the right cymbal can be crucial to getting closer to a Beatle sound.

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We caught up with 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Ringo Starr before the Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 18, and he told us the story of his very first Ludwig drum kit – the same one he played for years as a member of The Beatles and is now on exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum.


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